White Fabric

White fabric was commonly used for dolls and people clothing.  Colored fabric of the period was not Color Fast so quickly faded with each wash. White fabric was easily bleached and stayed nicer  longer. With the average person having only a few pieces of clothing, it was important to make clothing last and pass on to siblings.

All  fabric shown is Lawn or Quilt weight and of premium quality.    Designs include a raised (Jacquard) pattern, sewn on (embroidered) or machine enhanced (open weave).   These subtle designs create lovely, understated, elegant doll clothing.  White fabric lends itself well yo most designs.  To flash up the outfit printed fabric can be added for color. Also available is white Organdy in soft and stiff, which is excellent for collars, bonnets and aprons.

Some of the dresses offered at Antique Child featuring this fabric are shown throughout the site.

White fabric Dottedf Swiss

A – Lawn dotted Swiss

Dotted Swiss

white fabric

B – Lawn, floral embroidery

white fabric stripes

C – Lawn stripes (1″ apart)

white fabric eyelet

D – Lawn, eyelet design

white fabric dotted swiss

E – Semi sheer dotted Swiss  Dotted Swiss

white fabric open weave

F – Quilt weight, open weave stripes

IMG_6244cotton fabric Jacquard diamonds

G – Quilt Weight, tiny Jacquard diamonds – CLICK  sailor outfit

white fabric open weave

H – Lightweight single row open weave

White fabric Jacquard square

I – Quilt weight Jacquard squares

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