Where is Antique Child?

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front door to Antique Child Doll Restoration    Not only does Antique Child work with dolls, it is a working ranch. (CLICK HERE)

The home can’t get any greener: covered with foliage,

passive solar, earth sheltered and quiet.

Lizard Butte near Antique Child Doll Restoration

Most of the year morning coffee and meals are taken on the deck to enjoy the view.

If students need a break from the rigors of the seminar, there is plenty of room for a walk about and fresh air.

Snake River Valley near Antique Child Doll Restoration
Lots to read and know about dolls!

Included in the bay window area is a credenza where

paints are mixed for application utilizing the paint booths.

Antique Child paint booths

Double paint booths for work and storage

Paint booth work area at antique child

Work area to mix paints, and tools.

After the doll is complete and ready to go home,

a photo session captures the results.



Photo Booth with target lighting at Antique Child

Photo Booth with target lighting

The fabric and sewing center features several sewing machines to fabricate specialized applications on doll clothing. Because of the extensive supplies needed for the many types of dolls, there is lots of storage.  

fabric center at antique child doll restoration

Bolts and bolts of fabric and trims for all kinds of doll clothing


Antique Child Doll Restoration sewing center

Several sewing machines for different purposes.

Guest Rooms . . . . . rest, relax, read and then back to the dolls.

guest room 1 at Antique Child Doll Restoration

1930 style guest room

guest room for doll repair seminar Antique Child Doll Restoration

1900 Desk, clock, oak & rocking chair.  Cozy no-fuss fireplace.

Sleep in an 1870 Victorian bed Antique Child Doll Restoration

1870 Victorian bedroom, washstand, chamber pot, stain glass light
























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Process & FAQ
 Process & FAQ

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