What is the difference in baby dolls?

Character Baby Dolls (1910 – 1920’s) have a five part composition body with a bisque head. Most character baby dolls were made in Germany with the maker information inscribed on the back of their heads.  Character dolls were made to look like real children of the day for a more realistic doll.

Chubby Toddler Dolls (1930-1940’s) are an American made doll   The dolls are all composition with eyes that are either painted, tin sleep eyes or acrylic sleep eyes. Their bodies are upright with straight legs so that they can stand alone.  Composition chubby toddler dolls were made more economically and soon took the place of the bisque head German imported dolls (after the German firms went out of business).

Composition Baby Dolls (1925 – 1940’s) have a cloth with composition arms, legs, and head or all composition body.  The main identifying thing is that their legs are bent like a baby so they are not able to stand, but sit well with the support of the bent legs.    Made in the United States, composition baby dolls usually a cry box in the cloth torso. Quality varied with attention to detail, clothing, paints and eyes of  tin, paint and acrylic (which often crystallized with age).

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 Process & FAQ

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