What is a Hemstitcher?


Singer model 72-19 Hemstitcher, dual needles

Singer model 72-19 Hemstitcher, dual needles


hemstitch sample

See all those great hemstiched holes?

Hemstitching is a decorative application of holes that are placed in fabric .  Previously done by hand, single and double needled sewing machines were utilized in sewing factories.

The basic concept of hemstitching is that a piercer punches a hole in the fabric and a needle (or duel needles)  sew around the hole, creating a decorative design. Developed in the early 1900′s by the Singer Sewing Machine Company for industrial factory use in the fabrication of decorative napkins, table cloth, fabric and clothing, hemstitching added an elegant look to otherwise simple fabric.   In addition, items were edged with hemstitching so that the homemaker could crochet, lace or tat decorative trim utilizing the holes to evenly space their handwork.  For more information follow the link to http://hemstitchers.com

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Doll Dresses were  sewn utilizing hemstitching . . . .

Early 1934 organdy dancing dress with hemstitched collar accent.


Hemstitching was used on the skirt in a scallop design as well as trimming the hemline.

Dancing dress with 3 rows of hemstitching on skirt and trimming the hemline.

Hemstitching machines were not

available for home use, so

having a doll dress with

hemstitching meant the dress

was “store bought!”


hemstitch doll dress

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Miss Charming doll – Note collar and cuffs have hemstitching details

Antique composition Mama Doll with hemstitching

1920 Mama doll with hemstitching on bodice and hem

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