Tin Head Minerva

Tin head Minerva found in dessert

BEFORE tin head, rusted, no eyes, no color

German Tin head Minerva complete

AFTER fully restored with eyes and clothing

Tin head found in dessert

AFTER ready to go home

This tin head Minerva was found in the dessert on the old family homestead, the owner could not bear to throw her away because she could have been a treasured doll of a long ago relative.  The tin head Minerva dolls were a German product, fashioned after the china head dolls.  The lowbrow china head was a typical model.  It was thought that the tin would be more durable than a breakable china head.

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When my mother saw her doll, she nearly fell over. We are stunned at the quality of your work. Wow! Are we ever glad we found...

Kevin MacDuff
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