Shirley Temple Doll

1934 was the year Shirley Temple launched a career that would  forever impact the doll industry.  Her first movie Stand Up and Cheer led to the Shirley Temple doll and one of the most comprehensive marketing campaigns the doll industry has ever experienced.  Because of her extreme popularity, the Shirley Temple doll outsold all other dolls and had an extensive wardrobe of Shirley Temple doll clothing.  Not to be left out, other doll companies jumped on the band wagon to create dolls that were similar to Shirley Temple.  Most of the dresses that are featured in this section will fit the composition dolls with the same body style as Shirley Temple, such as the Madam Alexander Princess Elizabeth dolls and composition Shirley Temple look-a-likes.   New dresses are always being researched with ever effort to duplicate authentic details for the Shirley Temple doll wardrobe.  Most other vendors offer the dance dress and the coin dress, but many collectors are seeking other style of Shirley Temple doll dresses, which are featured here.
*** For those that wish to also have authentic replica Shirley Temple doll clothing, the outfits represented are made to fit the Shirley Temple doll so be sure and measure when buying for a look-alike.  If you have any questions, please email.

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The doll arrived today and she is awesome, I know Mom will treasure her as she did as a child. I want to thank you for your time...

Tim Stone