Shirley Anchor Dress

Shirley Anchor dress was not a dress that she wore in any movies, but was commonly seen in early publicity stills.  Replicated from a 1934 sample, the Shirley Temple anchor dress is made of white lawn and red vintage 1930 trim.  The neckline is edged with the red cording as well as used on the ties and bodice.  Sleeves are gathered and the shoulders and hem for easy fitting of Shirley Temple dolls and Shirley Temple look-alike dolls.  A satin white ribbon accents the neckline for a finishing touch.   Closure in the back is a gold safety pin as was common with the original dresses.  The white lawn fabric is semi-sheer.

To bring out the fullness of the dress a teddy/slip combination is used (onsie) on this model.   Other accessories also available are the oilcloth shoes with the gold, square buckle seen on the original Shirley Temple doll.   The original  Shirley Temple anchor dress is considered very rare.  Finding an authentic replica is indeed an excellent addition to a collector who is looking for variety in their Shirley Temple display.

ST Anchor Dress

Shirley Temple Anchor dress Shirley Anchor dress back view


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Just wanted to let you know that I found a stand for Dolly, and put her on my antique side by side in my bedroom. She is my favorite china :0) I pinned...

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