Painted Eyed Composition

painted eyed composition doll

BEFORE composition head paint lifting and cracking

After Painted eyed composition doll

AFTER cute face restored

Before, painted eyed composition doll.

BEFORE Note home made body with VERY long legs of cloth

Antique composition head on home made cloth body

AFTER with replaced appropriate body and head restore, dressed in original family doll clothing.

1930 American made painted eyed composition doll that had extensive paint lifting and peeling.  At some point in her life she had lost her legs, so her owner fashioned her cloth ones that were much too long for her composition child body. The finish was removed and she underwent a complete restoration, which included the finish of her composition as well as cleaning of her body and clothing.

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Process & FAQ
 Process & FAQ

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Wow Janie, they look fantastic! "Sally" will be so happy to have her shoes back.

Nancy Godfrey
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