Oilcloth Doll Shoes

Oilcloth doll shoes are an authentic classic design and hand made.  The oilcloth doll shoes are fabricated in the studio, individually assembled to look like the antique oilcloth doll shoes of years gone by.  Available in three styles of either black and antique white color, the  shoes have authentic details with grosgrain shoe strings, scalloped edges and thin cardboard soles.  Several buckle styles are available for a custom doll shoe, with the standard silver oval or silver square buckle as standard styles.   Popular with dolls of the 1880’s and through the 1940’s, oilcloth doll shoes are a staple for appropriately dressing your antique or vintage doll.

    Classic Design authentic oilcloth doll shoes bloack oilcloth doll shoes

Oilcloth Shoes – no buckle

oilcloth doll shoes buckle selection white oilcloth doll shoes with gold buckle

White Oilcloth Shoes – WITH buckle
Buckle Choice

black oilcloth doll shoes with square silver buckle

Black Oilcloth Shoes – WITH buckle
Buckle Choice


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