Oilcloth Booties!

Compare the Details of the authentic replica oilcloth baby bootie!
oilcloth bootiesIMG_6909 Compare the Antique with the Replica (black background is replica)


Oilcloth Booties! 
Originally sold on Bubbles, Lovum, Dimples & other name brand composition babies
made by Effanbee, Ideal, Horsman and others, these oilcloth doll booties are made from
patterns taken from old oilcloth booties for authentic replication of the antique versions.
Buff Color.  Bootie size is toe to heel length. Custom sizes available too!

Size 1   1 1/2 ”   Size 2  2″  Size 3  2 1/2″  Size 4   3″

Oilcloth Booties
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 Process & FAQ

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