Magic Skin Doll

Magic Skin doll detiorated

BEFORE arms and legs deterioration, hair dirty, tangled

Magic skin doll

AFTER ready to go home with a new body, cleaned and beautiful in original clothing

What happened to this Magic skin doll is typical of the break down of the vinyl body parts. What a wonderful thing Magic Skin was for dolls of the 1950’s, only to fall to pieces over time.  Magic skin was an early vinyl with the texture of a balloon.  It was thought that it made the dolls more life like with the feel of rubber that was like skin.  There are no Magic Skin parts available today.  Replacement parts have to be a heavier vintage vinyl.  After removing the dirt and grime to the head area the limbs were replaced so that she looks like new in her original restored clothing.

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 Process & FAQ

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WOOOO HOOO!!!!!! Got the doll today!!!
The quality of the work you've done is outstanding!!! AWESOME!!!! The head is PERFECT!!!! ...

Felipe Nistal