Lowbrow China Doll

This lowbrow china doll had only the head with no shoulder plate. The shoulder plate was completely gone, as was the body.  He had a vision of making this doll into something different, but ALSO interesting.  The head is an 1890 blond lowbrow of fairly substantial size.   The restoration began with fabricating a complete shoulder plate and adding a muslin body with leather arms.  The costume is a facsimile from a photo of a French infantry ensemble.  It was unclear whether the hat was supposed to go from side to side or front to back.  Historical research reveals that the hat does both.  While addressing the troops the hat is side to side, but while in battle it is front to back.  The hat was made from a felt form made into a cap with black cotton velveteen for the outer brim.  Added features included braid and a metal applique with ostrich feathers.  The uniform jacket with tails done in black cotton velveteen included a breast lapel with gold buttons and shoulder epaulets with rayon tassels. To finish the uniform the pants featured inset braid and cording up the side seam and oilcloth boots (available in the shoe section).

China head before
China head before
Headless china body

china doll repair

Front view of shoulder plate after

china doll repair

After back view of shoulder plate

china doll repair

Side view of restored shoulder plate

Original military photo to inspire creation


Complete Military ensemble

military china back view

Military Back view

china head military hat china head military breast plate
china doll military shoulder

Details of completed military uniform


What a way to end the day today Janie!!! Absolutely AWESOME!!!! Got home from work and this box had been waiting for me to open it. This General could not be happier to come back home from battle! And boy did he have some battle! You’ve done an incredible work in completely rebuilding his shoulder plate! Just amazing this can be done and so perfectly! And the uniform!!!! WOW!! WOW!!! WOW!!! You are not only wonderful at restoring the porcelain, but the your magic on his uniform is PERFECT!!! Down to his boots!! Thank you!!! Going from a nasty ‘decapitated’ buddy to a General is quite a task! Wonder know how long he stayed in such deplorable way… 116 years? It was about time this guy got some of his pride back!! LOL!!! He proudly says ‘Vielen Dank Janie’!! Thank you so much Janie!!

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Thanks so much for your hard work - she looks awesome! Kurt is very pleased. :)

Lori Hammond & Kurt Greenwood