Learning Doll Repair

So you are interested in learning doll repair!   Thank you for contacting me!  I am excited that you have taken the next step to find out the details in learning doll repair and restoration.  It can be a wonderful career for you or just teach you to feel confident in working on your own dolls or others.  The seminar setting is a great learning experience to learn doll repair.    Please feel free to check out the seminar information and think about your future in doll repair. I will be back with you shortly!

Doll Repair Seminar Inquiry

If you are interested in EITHER the 14 Day Career Seminar or a limited 4-5 day Seminar, Please let me know and we can discuss your goals in doll restoration. Janie
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Process & FAQ
 Process & FAQ

CLICK here to find out how the process works from sending your doll, completion time, payment info and shipping.


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