Learning China Doll Bodies

In the 1890’s,china doll companies were trying hard to compete with the NEW  bisque head, ball-jointed, and leather body dolls by marketing printed bodies and printed names (1905) with the Lowbrow shoulder plate china heads.  Called the  Learning Body china head, and  produced for only a few years, the dolls were curly haired Lowbrows and Pet Name model china heads (1905 by Hertwig). The bodies were themed with nursery rhyme verses, the alphabet, historical themes like Boxer Rebellion and maps of the US, states and the world.  Below  are 3 samples for china learning bodies. Printing on the alphabet fabric is 1/4″.  The moral fabric is similar in scale. Fabric is 100% cotton, hard packed with sawdust* and comes with china arms and booted heeled legs. 
*Sawdust is from pure  wood, not composite materials such as plywood or medite that may contain chemicals,  fillers or glues. 
(Please specify width and height of head or for best fit, send your head.  Antique child will attach your head to the new body FREE of charge. )

learning alphabet body 1890 china head

ALL ORIGINAL Learning Alphabet Body 1890 China Head

Alphabet fabric colored letters, tan background

Alphabet fabric colored letters


Learning china doll fabric moral phrases

Learning china doll fabric moral phrases

Alphabet fabric tan background

Learning China Doll Body
Fabric Selection
Please state shoulder width & total head height

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Thank you so much for the beautiful doll! I do like everything you did. I love the shoes!!!!!! Thanks....and the lace

Doris Hagedorn