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 Learn Doll Repair and Restoration !

       Seminars workshops to learn doll repair and doll restoration scheduling is on an as-needed basis.  Is your interest in learning doll repair and restoration as a hobby or a new job opportunity? Let’s talk!   Learn doll repair here in Idaho near Boise.  Seminars  limited to 3 students.  Requests for doll clothing seminars  available.  

2018 Doll Repair Seminar requests accepted!!

         March 4th – 19th – Full 3 students

                      (full seminar had 2 full seminar students booked. Opening for 1 more full or 5 day seminar student)

         June 24 – 29 2018 – 5 day composition seminar – 1 opening

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NEW Doll Repair Seminars!!!   Due to popular request, multiple seminars to learn doll repair & restoration seminars are now being offered. 

  • Full Doll Repair Career Seminar (14 days) This seminar covers composition dolls, hard plastic/vinyl, china dolls and bisque dolls. You will experience complete doll restoration for these dolls.  If you are interested in repairing dolls as a business, those items are addressed. No interest in doll repair as a career?  No problem.  It can be eliminated so you get more of everything else.   CLICK HERE for list of dolls you should bring to this seminar. MORE INFO HERE 
  • Vinyl & Hard Plastic Doll Seminar  (3 days) will cover stringing, maintenance, hair care, mold issues, repainting and other information for the doll collector.  CLICK HERE for more information. 
  • China Doll Historical and Fabrication Seminar (5 days)  covers historical data on china dolls, body fabrication, and creating a complete outfit for their doll. You will restore your own antique china doll head. The student may bring their own doll head or Antique Child has many to select from for purchase.  All materials for the china doll body and wardrobe are provided.  Antique Child has on-site over 50 china heads from 1830 to 1890 to handle and learn from. CLICK HERE for list of china dolls MORE INFO HERE   
  • Bisque Dolls Historical and Repair Seminar (5 days) German and French doll repair.  This seminar includes bisque repair, doll hair and eye repair,  ball jointed and leather body repair and clothing. CLICK HERE for list of bisque dolls MORE INFO HERE
  • Doll Clothing – (3-5 days) Learn about appropriate fabrics and trims for the range of antique and vintage dolls. Hands-on fabrication of several outfits for your dolls to take home.  Learn how to make oilcloth shoes accented with an assortment of buckles. 

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Why have your own business?  In today’s job market many people are creating their own jobs and choosing to work at home.  Aside from the tax benefits of having an in-home office and work space, the commute down the hall sure makes a difference on the gas bill.  Wardrobe needs are few and eating out is a matter of opening the frig.  With expanded technology, supplies, postage and banking can be done online.  The benefits of being able to work your work schedule around your other life is invaluable and the only supervisor might be the one curled up at your feet needing an occasional food dish filled or potty break outside.    Lastly,there is a lot of satisfaction in being independent to make choices.

        There is a need for doll repair professionals to do quality doll repair and restoration.  With tons of dolls out there, that are treasures to someone, there is a real need for experts who know how to repair dolls the right way. Most of my customers are just regular people, not collectors, who have a family doll (or 2) they want repaired or have restored to pass on.   The choice of whether to specialize in a certain doll is always an option. The opportunities are there, it is just a matter of deciding how much or how limited you would like to be.  The seminar is not designed to teach you everything about every doll, but rather to give you a foundation.  The support I offer after the seminar is to help you with skills you were not exposed to during the seminar. 

learn doll repair restoration class What is the advantage of taking instruction to learn doll repair with Antique Child Doll Restoration?

  • Most instructors have had no training in teaching and do not understand spiral curriculum utilized to build upon what you already know. Janie has a BA and 2 Master degrees in teaching.
  •  You get more time on task with one-on-one instruction.   When you stay in one of the guest rooms, you save money you would have spent on hotel and food.  You have 24-7 access to the doll studio and learning library to get the most time learning.
  •  You will have hands-on experience learning about 100 years of dolls 1860-1960.  Your instruction will cover china dolls, paper mache dolls, German and French ball jointed and leather body dolls, American composition dolls and the vintage hard plastic and vinyl dolls. You will learn how the dolls were manufactured, how to restore them correctly, eye repair, wig restoration, repainting for invisible restoration, hard plastic repainting, removing blemishes correctly, and cloth body fabrication.
  •  The second half of doll repair is appropriate doll clothing styles and fabrics used for doll clothes.  You will fabricate a pair of authentic oilcloth shoes and learn about doll underwear.
  •  Customer relations, business practices and web design will be to start you off on the right foot to attracting a steady supply of customers.
  •  Your education is never over!  You have a support system to help you over the bumps in a  doll business that don’t seem quite so clear once you start doing them.  With as many different kinds of dolls that there are, you are bound to come in contact with problems you have not learned about before. Janie is available as a mentor to help you.

Composition Seminar Doll

Kay with her dolls after completion of a 5 day Seminar in composition dolls

If you would like to learn doll repair or doll restoration it is because you are looking for something new in your life. You want to repair your own dolls, your friends or explore a new career avenue, part time or full. Whatever the reason, you are also seeking value for what you might spend to get the training. As a teacher, I am doing this because it is REALLY important to me to pass on the art of restoring dolls the RIGHT way.You also know that you CAN NOT learn it all in a 4-day doll restoration seminar or even a two week doll restoration seminar. With so many different kinds of dolls, there are going to be times that you just don’t know what to do. It should be important to you to have a mentor, a resource to come back to after the class is over, which most schools or classes do not offer. While you are at a seminar would you like to be able to work any time, day or night or is it important to you to pay for a hotel and food and be able to quit at 5 p.m.? If you want to have an authentic, intense learning experience, walk away with a bag of tools and resources to work at home, then consider a seminar with Antique Child Doll Restoration

Learn composition doll restoration

Kay in the paint booth working on composition doll pieces

The long and short of it . . . .  Pick the Seminar that fits your needs!

Both shorter sessions and a FULL career training curriculum of 14 days are available to learn all aspects to learn doll repair!! Janie has extensive experience in doll repair and an educational Masters degree with over 20 years of teaching experience.  The comprehensive program needed for success in doll repair and restoration is available for those who wish to learn doll repair to work on their own collection, help friends or do it as a business.

learn doll repair, doll repair class

Doll repair student, Chris, learning to style a mohair wig for her Shirley Temple doll..

Doll repair classes  are offered several times a year to learn doll restoration in a seminar setting. Learn doll hospital education in a training environment designed for individualized attention and come away with the tools you need for success in doll repair and doll restoration.

Can’t get away for 14 days? Try a 5-day seminar in Composition/Hard Plastic Seminar OR Bisque/China Doll Seminar. If you discover you want more and would like to take the full course in doll repair and restoration, you are eligible to receive a 20% discount ($800)! !

To learn doll repair, restoration and career skills,  seminars are an excellent opportunity to learn about professional, museum quality doll restoration, repair and period doll clothing.

learn doll repair, doll repair class

Mary, doll repair student, restoring ball jointed doll body




Learn doll repair and restoration –  a lifetime career!!

Now Available is a 14-day training course so you can learn doll repair which will teach you all you need to know to operate a full service doll hospital. This LABOR INTENSIVE, HANDS-ON CAREER TRAINING will require you to bring dolls that you will fully restore in class. With so much to learn, students will often work long hours to complete the entire course. You can not learn the skills like invisible bisque repair, or composition repair, by listening to a lecture!

Seminars are HANDS-ON in which students will bring dolls and restore them while in class. Teaching doll restoration will cover many aspects of doll repair from simple restringing and proper cleaning procedures, to complete restoration, including airbrushing techniques. In addition, students will take home essential equipment to continue doing restoration correctly at home. Students will learn how to:

  • Do invisible bisque and china repair, including rebuilding shoulder plates and fill in missing pieces.
  • Fully restore composition dolls, from just repairing cracks to completely stripping them to bare composition
  • Completely restore vinyl and hard plastic dolls Restring dolls
  • Eyes – setting sleep & stationary eyes to fabricating rocker assemblies to iris transplants for crazed eyes.
  • How to clean dolls without damaging them.
  • Repair leather bodies. Mend cloth bodies.
  • Add colors to cheeks.
  • Minimize crazing with craze control
  • Rebuild fingers, toes and other parts including entire feet
  • Restore bodies from cloth, leather, wood, paper maché, tin and composition.
  • How to make, clean and restore wigs and clothing.
  • Colors selection – appropriate colors for antique dolls.
  • Business ethics, advertising, customer care, process and procedure of doing bid approvals for restoration/repairs, record keeping, billing and receiving payment.

Come & Discover the Best in Doll Repair & Restoration . . .

  • Teacher has several advanced teaching degrees (BA Secondary Ed., MA Curriculum, MA Administration)
  • Curriculum designed for individual learning styles (hands-on, in-house library, extended learning time)
  • Students will receive equipment to get started right, including a 2 phase Badger airbrush ($500 worth of equipment & resources)
  • Food or lodging included as a courtesy (a savings of $1500-$2000 if you had to  stay in a hotel or eat at a restaurant)

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Payment Plans to learn doll repair!         

Building and training for a new career is an investment.  Not having the funds is a struggle for some so why make that hard too?  Plan for your future by paying on an installment plan.  A deposit is required for all seminars to book the time in advance and allow time to purchase supplies.  It also shows your commitment to your future to learn doll repair and restoration.   The full seminar of 14 days is $4800 (deposit $500), 5 day seminars $1775 (deposit $400) and 2 day seminar  $525 (deposit $100).  One day seminars are due with a per-registry.   At all seminars food and beverages are provided.   The remaining balance for any seminar can be spread out as far as 6 months making it very affordable for nearly everyone.    Billing can be done with check, money order or credit card.

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