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learn doll repair

Antique Child agrees to:

Teach a full course to learn doll repair and doll restoration, including but not limited to composition, porcelain, paper mache, etc. and furnish (student’s name) _______________________   Address _________________________

City _____________________  State ____   Zip ____________  Phone ______________

Email ______________________ with the following items:

  • Air brushes (2)
  • Hog ring pliers
  • A safety respirator designed specifically for the materials to be used in class consisting of lacquer thinner, acrylic enamel, reducer and primer
  • Special tools for working on dolls eyes
  • Paint supplies (basics to get started right!)
  • Dust masks for use in sanding materials including but not limited to: Fillers, Putty, Plaster, Composition, Paper Mache
  • All materials needed to work on dolls WHILE IN CLASS except doll parts, dolls, wigs or accessories or clothing, these are extra and those listed in the “Bring List” stating what the student must furnish, and if the student is unable to obtain some of the materials listed in that list, Antique Child will offer those items to purchase as a reasonable price or inform the student where they can purchase those items. Dolls are dealt with separately—see bring list.

Each student who completes the seminar to learn doll repair and restoration will be given a certificate of completion.

The Above and undersigned student agrees that he or she has read the above and understands that some or all of the material used in doll repair may be hazardous and toxic, and agrees upon signing this contract to NOT hold Antique Child and/or Janie or Kirk Nafsinger, separately and/or collectively, responsible for any exposure or harm from those materials either during the seminar or at any time thereafter. Above and undersigned student further agrees to take personal responsibility for any accidents or injuries they may have while attending the seminar, or for any injuries they may occur in the future from using said materials , having been informed of the possible toxicity of their use.

Antique Child and/or Janie or Kirk Nafsinger, separately and collectively agree to furnish, to the best of their knowledge and ability, adequate safety equipment and information for the student to use during the time they are participating in the above seminar, and to take precautions to the best of their ability and knowledge to protect the student, and information needed for the student to know what they will need to protect themselves from those and other materials they may use in doll restoration, and to inform the student which materials are hazardous and toxic so they may make an informed choice to use them. Above and undersigned student herewith acknowledges all health warnings and also the warning that if there is any chance they may be pregnant, they should test to find out if pregnancy is present, and if so, not to take the seminar as the materials used could be harmful to an unborn child.

(Student’s name) ______________________________________________ agrees to the following financial terms.

To pay Antique Child the sum of $4,800.00 for the seminar to learn doll repair and restoration. The first $500 is a deposit, non-refundable for any reason except cancellation of the seminar by Antique Child, and is to be paid for in the form of a money order or certified check at the time the contract is signed and returned . The balance, $4,300.00, is to be paid on orientation day, the first day of the seminar. Balance may be paid with money order, certified check or credit card through Pay Pal.

Student signature___________________________________________   Address _______________________________________________________

Contact Phone & Email _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Antique Child authorized representative________________________________

Your cashiers check or money order is your receipt for your deposit to learn doll repair. A receipt for the full amount of the seminar will be furnished to you upon full payment. If you would like a copy of this contract signed by us after you have signed and returned it, you can pick it up at the time of the seminar, or make an extra copy WITH YOUR signature and mail it when you send in your contract, and we will sign it and return it to you.  

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