Kewpie Clothing

Jumper for Scootles and Kewpie clothingJumper for Scootles and Kewpie clothingKewpie Clothing dolls of similar type like the Scootles wear a jumper style of garment with short cup sleeves done in lace, organdy or matching fabric.  The two dolls represented here are samples of what can be fabricated.  Antique Child Doll Restoration has a wide variety of cotton fabric and vintage trims to fabricate Scootle and Kewpie clothing to your color and style taste.

**Please measure to assure accurate fit. Available in size 10″  waist 10″ shoulder to crotch 5 1/2″
14″  waist 11 1/2″ shoulder to crotch 7″
16″   waist 15″ shoulder to crotch 8 1/2″

These dolls are from Daisy Kingdom, but this style fits many Kewpie  & Scootle type dolls.  Custom clothing available, please inquire.




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Process & FAQ
 Process & FAQ

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Wow Janie, they look fantastic! "Sally" will be so happy to have her shoes back.

Nancy Godfrey
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