Kestner Hilda

The Kestner Hilda character doll has always been a favorite of mine and is near the top of my bucket list of dolls I would like to have.  This Kestner Hilda is a bit more rare because she is a toddler body style.  I purchased her on ebay after she had been dropped by her family.   Sometime in her history she had lost her lower legs and been stored in a drawer.  With the passing of her owner, the family took her out to display.  Not realizing that the stringing hooked everything together, she fell apart and went crashing to the floor.  You can see in the photos that her face was separated from her head as well as her neck socket was in fragments.  Her lashes were gone so they were  restored when I made the other repairs to the eyes.  Restoring the missing foot portion of her legs was a bit of a challenge.  Toddler bodies are a unique body and parts are not all that common.  I had one foot portion in my inventory so fabricated a marching leg.  Balls were added and all was painted to match the original Kestner Hilda doll toddler body.   NOTE: clothing and oilcloth shoes fabricated by Antique Child Doll Restoration

Kestner Hilda doll broken in pieces

From this . . .

Kestner Hilda doll repair and restoration


Hilda face sections

From This disaster . . . . .

Hilda face taped

Kestner Hilda invisible restoration


Hilda  complete side of head

Hilda broken socket

From this . . .

Hilda neck done


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Thank you so much for the beautiful doll! I do like everything you did. I love the shoes!!!!!! Thanks....and the lace

Doris Hagedorn