Kestner Color Restore

Antique Kestner color restore where it had no color on one temple near the eye that included lashes and brow due to a surface rub of the tinting.  This could have happened in the making of the doll or an accident over the years. 
There was also no color on parts of the forehead, one side of the nose and around the other eye.  The tricky part about redoing the color was the head was only a couple of inches tall, making it difficult to place color and then restore the lashes, without making it overdone.  The Kestner color restore was done with an airbrush scaled down to spray only a pencil width of paint at a time to get just the right shade and thickness to blend with the original finish.


Kestner color restore after photo

AFTER all dressed

Kestner color restore closeup

BEFORE Kestner lacking facial color around eyes, nose and cheek

Kestner  facial color restored

AFTER facial color restored

Kestner  facial color restored

AFTER Kestner facial color restored


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I was in shock you could put all those pieces back together so beautifully. . . unbelievable work. Sheryl Riley

Sheryl Riley