Kestner Baby Jean Doll Head

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid was heading on the email I received when the owner told me of the disaster to her Kestner Baby Jean doll head.   Adjusting a new head button, she had bumped the antique Kestner Baby Jean doll head resting on the counter. Down it went and was now in about 15 pieces.  She had bought the doll from a collector who had provenance that this Kestner Baby Jean doll head had been used as a model for collector doll plates.  While hard to visualize to scale the Kestner Baby Jean doll head is HUGE!  Real baby size.   In restoring it, the pieces and sections had to be done in sections and took several months to complete.

My letter asking if you could fix my doll started out “Stupid, stupid,  stupid.”   This one starts out with “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I  cannot believe you did such an amazing job on my big Kestner baby. She is  just gorgeous! How you managed to put that puzzle together amazes me.  Every detail of her head, face, hair, is perfect. There must be some kind  of award for the best Doll Doctor in the country! You are the best!  Thank  you!  Kay Schrader   Darby, MT

Kestner Baby Jean face

AFTER – Restoration complete

Kestner Baby Jean front

AFTER- full body front

Kestner Baby Jean character baby back

AFTER – full back view

Kestner baby Jean Kestner baby Jean  Kestner baby Jean
Kestner Baby Jean Kestner Baby Jean Kestner Baby Jean
 Kestner Baby Jean  Kestner Baby Jean
 Kestner baby Jean  Kestner Baby Jean
Kestner Baby Jean Kestner Baby Jean
Kestner Baby Jean  Kestner Baby Jean

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Oh, Janie, I am so pleased. The girls arrived and they are absolutely gorgeous. I am taking them for my mom to see today...

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