Kestner 143 doll head

This is such a great  Kestner 143 doll head antique doll in that she is not a baby and yet not a child. She is like a toddler with her chubby face and impish look.  Her bisque head had been broken in about 10 pieces.  The challenge with any invisible restoration is that, when the eyes and decoration are involved, to do only what is necessary.  It is so difficult to match the edges and because such a small surface is involved, the tiniest irregularity will show.  These types of restoration are expensive because of the time involved.  I can work on one of these and think I have everything right so I spray it and WHEW! do the areas that are not right jump right out!  It takes several times to get the surfaces prepared just right and then the paint applied is done VERY thinly several times in several colors.  The technique for invisible restoration is very specialized for the perfect results.  I teach this technique in my Restoration Seminar class for those that want to learn how to get the best results.

143 Kestner doll head Kestner 143 Head restore Kestner 143 Head restore
Kestner 143 Head restore Kestner 143 Head restore Kestner 143 Head restore Kestner 143 Head restore

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The doll looks simply wonderful. My mom took me aside a couple of weeks ago and told me she wanted to talk about her doll. She said how much ...

LuAnne Brown