Kammer Reinhardt 115

Invisible bisque Restoration

K & R 115

K& R 115 After

Charming Kammer Reinhardt 115 character doll circa 1915 with sleep eyes and wig on bent limb baby body.  There  had been previous repaired by someone using not-so-great paints and doll repair materials.  The head had been broken into sever pieces so when it had been put back together, some of the pieces were not aligned correctly so that some pieces had a lip at the join areas.  The lips prevented the pieces from joining smoothly so attempts were made to  fill in the recessed areas.  One such spot is very evident in the before photo on the inside of the bridge of the nose.  In addition, the previous repair was done with paint that flaked and discolored.  Addition cracks included obvious ones above the eyes and forehead ad well as across the cheek.  The Kammer Reinhardt 115 head had to be completely taken apart and put back together again.  As is common with some repair people if they don’t know how to do something they just wing it.  The previous repair had the eyes plastered in solid. The eye rocker was gone.  After taking the eyes out, it was discovered that while the iris matched, the size of the eyes did not, so a bit of creative rebuilding was done to bring the sizes closer together for building an eye rocker.

kammer Reinhardt 115 before restoration

BEFORE showing facial breaks

                image7              K&R after left
 K&R before invisible restoration Kammer Reinhardt 115 after inviible restoration K&R face after

Kammer Reinhardt 115 after back of head

There were 4 large pieces broken in the back of the head.

K&R after right cheek area

Opposite cheek not shown in photo had large crack through cheek to eye

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I was in shock you could put all those pieces back together so beautifully. . . unbelievable work. Sheryl Riley

Sheryl Riley