Jumeau Head Restoration

Measuring 9 1/2 ” around, this lovely French Jumeau head restoration was worth the effort to restore.  The bisque on this Jumeau is a lovely translucent shade with a smooth silky texture.  The break on this jumeau head was from the crown, through the ear, down the cheek to the mouth, exiting on the other side of the mouth, looping to the neck and up back to the crown.  These types of bisque restore is tricky because of the curves in the head and also the differences in the colors, with the forehead lighter, darkening toward the cheeks, additional shading near the mouth and then back up to the crown.  The application is in several very thin coats to allow the beauty of the porcelain to remain and replicating the several colors in the head.

French Fashion restoration

Before facial view

French Fashion restoration

After front view

French Fashion restoration

BEFORE Neck Area

French Fashion restoration

AFTER Neck view

French Fashion restoration

BEFORE cheek area right side

French Fashion restoration

AFTER right side

Jumeau head Restoration

BEFORE left side

Jumeau Head restoration

AFTER left side

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We received the doll yesterday. She arrived in great shape and looks EXCELLENT! We are very pleased with the job you did.
Thank You

Paul Wilde