Hoop Petticoat

hoop petticoatHoop petticoat for china and other dolls is made of 100% cotton, appropriate for china and parian antique dolls as well as can be adapted for French Fashion and German ball jointed and leather body dolls.   This authentic hoop petticoat is fabricated with several pin tucks and lace at hem.  Styles vary slightly with materials available. Hoop is above hemline to allow for draping and is made utilizing a rigid plastic cord that will not rust through and destroy the garment.  Because of size variances, please reference size chart for size approximations.  Waist bands are fitted with 1″ additional for adjustment and are closed with gold safety pin. 


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Process & FAQ
 Process & FAQ

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WOOOO HOOO!!!!!! Got the doll today!!!
The quality of the work you've done is outstanding!!! AWESOME!!!! The head is PERFECT!!!! ...

Felipe Nistal