Hemstitched Doll Dress

Taupe hemstitched doll dress and bonnet  for antique ball jointed and leather body dolls.  The taupe hemstitched doll dress is made of  light weight cotton lawn with a light peach pre-1940’s cotton lace accenting the hemline, sleeves, ruffles and neck, well over 4 yards!. The sleeves work well with both ball jointed and leather body dolls because they can be pushed up for a full puffed sleeves or brought down to the wrist.  With the elastic at the sleeve edge, they can be pushed up or pulled down to cover what needs to be covered.  This  antique style dress is decorated with hemstitching on the ruffles of the sleeve, all the way around the hemline and at the edge of the organdy ruffle that accents the bodice. An organdy sash is also includes a sash for covering the drop waist seam or to be used as a giant hair bow as many of the dolls were known to wear.  The dress has OVER 4 yard of antique lace and several rows of hemstitching that you can not find anywhere today. This dress is absolutely charming.  The full organdy ruffle extends to the back of the sleeve for a finished look.  To complete the outfit, a matching bonnet (sold separately) with an organdy ruffle is offered that has more lace and hemstitching accents.  The doll pictured is wearing a drop waist slip and drawers. Also available are replica oilcloth shoes in black and antique white at Antique Child.   This style of dress was used on ball jointed and leather body antique doll from the turn of the century through the 1930’s. 

Hemstitch doll dress and bonnet

Bonnet with organdy

Taupe hemstitched doll dress with matching bonnet

lace & hemstitching

Dress & Bonnet
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Taupe hemstitched doll dress with puffed sleeves

Sleeves can be puffed.

Antique doll dress in taupe hemstitched

Sleeves can be long

backside tauper hemstitched doll dress with bonnet

Back view


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