Giggles doll clothes

Kewpie Giggles doll clothes

Giggles is Laughing Today!  with her New Giggles doll clothes!

Patterned after an original Kewpie, this 100% cotton jumper has cotton lace at the legs, neck and sleeves is being modeled by Giggles, who has the same body as the Kewpie. The Giggles doll clothes is made of cotton with organdy sleeves and embroidered edging. The cupped sleeves cover the top part of the composition arm.  The Giggles doll clothes has the same option as the Kewpie and Scootles doll clothes in that there is a wide range of fabric and trims available to fit the color wants of the purchaser so custom request are just fine.

* Custom orders available upon request in a wide assortment of fabrics.
Sizes 10″  –  waist  9″, Shoulder to crotch 5″
Sizes 12″ –  waist  10″, Shoulder to crotch 6″
Sizes 14″  –  waist  11″, Shoulder to crotch 7″
Sizes 16″  –  waist  12″, Shoulder to crotch 8″


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 Process & FAQ

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Thank you so much for the beautiful doll! I do like everything you did. I love the shoes!!!!!! Thanks....and the lace

Doris Hagedorn