Full 14 Day Seminar Doll List

The full 14 day seminar doll list will allow you to learn the most skills with the least amount of dolls. You learn doll repair  is targeted to teach skills in doll repair and allow for  practice time in doll repair techniques that you will encounter the most often in your doll repair business.  The doll repair seminar format has a targeted syllabus for each day’s targeted tasks in doll repair seminar.     Be SURE to bring at least two sets of old clothes for the doll repair seminar! Whatever you get this kind of paint on is permanently ruined, so bring/wear clothes that you don’t mind ruining.Two sets so you can have one to wear and one to wash. You probably won’t need much in the way of good clothes, most of your time will be spent in the studio.

In winter, the studio is cool in the mornings so sweatshirts are ideal to start the day, shedding it later in the day. Summer classes to learn doll repair may be cool in the mornings or hot all day, so prepare for either.

You will need these dolls to work on to learn doll repair:

  1. Composition and cloth 20” to 25” long with sleep eyes that needs FULL restoration–in other words, all the paint removed and repainted, along with missing or damaged fingers, toes, etc.
  2. One ALL composition doll at least 18” long that needs fully repainted,that is, all the old paint removed and completely redone.
  3. Composition doll of either type with painted eyes, no smaller than 18”, that needs fully repainted
  4. If you own several of one or more types, please bring two or three and let me help you decide which one you will get the most learning experience from.
  5. Antique bisque shoulder head with damaged shoulder plate,with a kid body; and a kid body that needs work, either belonging to the above shoulder head or separate.
  6. Antique china doll head, with damaged shoulder plate.
  7. An ALL Hard plastic doll at least 14” tall (all hard plastic from the 50’s, not later plastic or vinyl and plastic ) — such as Sweet Sue,Nanette, Toni, etc.)
  8. Old bisque head doll with compo/paper mache ball jointed body, head can be okay but body must need work, or you can bring just the body to work on if desired.
  9. You will need a GOOD but messed up mohair wig–it can come on the above dolls or be separate– and a good but messed up human hair wig–it’s better if they come on the dolls.
  10. If you have a compo doll or doll head that has “crystallized” eyes–(looks like it has cataracts) bring it along, you will be learning to do iris transplants. If not, I have old eyes you can learn doll repair to eyes on.
  11. Any other doll you think you might want to work on in class such as paper mache–we work in all we have time for.
  12. One larger( 20” or more) vinyl doll with rooted hair that needs cleaning and the wig washed and restyled, (this doll should be no later than the 60’s if possible)
  13. One hard plastic doll, like a Toni or Madam Alexander that needs cleaning and/or repainting.

If you don’t have some of the above dolls to learn doll repair, let me know and I will help you find them. Do NOT bring NEW broken bisque or dolls that are broken in the face.  We do no work on celluloid doll head or parts.  The material proves to be unstable and tends to shatter.

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Thanks so much for your hard work - she looks awesome! Kurt is very pleased. :)

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