French Thuillier Doll

This highly desirable antique French Thuillier doll head was well worth the effort to repaint.  Marked AT Thuillier, this  bisque  French doll head  is a later child model with an open mouth and molded teeth. A previous restoration on this French Thuillier doll head had been done incorrectly utilizing paints that were heavy, flaked and did not last.  The beauty of this French doll head is the translucent qualities of the bisque, which done incorrectly, are hidden under gobs of heavy paint.

French Thuillier bisque doll head

AT Thuillier antique doll head restoration

Antique Thullier head 009-001 Antique Thullier head 008-001 Antique Thullier head 007-001
French Thuillier doll head French Thuillier doll head French doll head

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You are amazing! I hope you don't mind if I post this all over Facebook . . .
Colleen Hayko

Colleen Hayko