French Fashion

French Fashion 1873

The inspiration for this lovely French Fashion dress was taken from a photo first seen on Pinterest.  A similar dress was featured in Harpers Bazaar catalog of 1873.   This doll is believed to be a Kestner bisque head, marked only by a size number on head.  Her bisque socket head on a shoulder plate is mounted on a leather hour-glass type lady body.  The wig is braided mohair.  

French Fashion

French Fashion

Harpers Bazaar 1873

Harpers Bazaar 1873

French Fashion dress in Pinterest

Pinterest Water Dress

She wears cotton crotch-less drawers. Next a crinoline bustle with crinoline from early 1900, very stiff. It is a full length version with tulle ties across the legs
The cotton slip has a couple rows of pin tucks. Her dress, a watering place costume is intended for visiting country houses, watering places, lawn parties etc.
The skirt is trimmed with gathered silk, same as dress. Accents include metallic braid and loop rick rack on the underside. The rick rack serves a duel purpose by enclosing the silk raw edges that, otherwise would fray badly.  The skirt and lower lace portion on the sleeves is an old collar remnant.
The buttons are glass mid 1800. The silk is used to advantage in creating the frays as a decoration on collar, sleeves and rear bow.
Her hat is the same silk as her upper garment, Feathers are turkey, with a nice under down, similar to ostrich feathers. On top  are silk flowers and leaves made from ribbon with stamen colored glass buttons from 1800’s.

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