Fitted Waistband Pantaloons

fitted waistband pantaloons for dollsThe fitted waistband pantaloons is an authentic replica straight leg pantaloons.  Made for antique dolls, the pantaloons has  fitted waistband, with lace trim at hem.  The pantaloons were a common fashion garment from the Civil War era. Worn through the Victorian and Edwardian era as common underclothing.  China dolls are nearly always found wearing fitted pantaloons.  Pantaloons were also worn by French and German antique dolls from the 1870 through the 1920’s.    Please consult size chart for waist approximation  Allowance of 1″ additional added.  Closure with safety-pin. 


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 Process & FAQ

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This is Luisa again to let you know I received Rosa last Friday July 31st. You did such a wonderful job!!!, thanks again. I loved your job.

Luisa Espejel
Childhood vinyl baby