Elastic Waist Pantaloons

Elastic waist pantaloons and drawers are now available!  Fabricated in 100% cotton lawn with vintage cotton lace and accented with 2 rows of pin tucks.

So what’s the difference you ask?  Let’s talk pantaloons, drawers and bloomers.  Both pantaloons, drawers and bloomers were a common undergarment for antique and vintage dolls.   All 3 have legs, unlike panties.  Bloomers do just that, they bloom out, meaning they are gathered at the bottom of the leg.  Pantaloons are longer than drawers.  Drawers are more like a boxer underwear in that the length of the leg is almost to the knee and were worn by antique child dolls that had dresses below the knee.  Pantaloon length is much longer, to the mid calf or the ankle.  Pantaloons were common on antique dolls like china dolls or dolls that wore dresses to the ankle.   Elastic waist pantaloons are wonderful for an odd size waist doll and easy to take on and off.

elastic waist pantaloons and drawers


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This is Luisa again to let you know I received Rosa last Friday July 31st. You did such a wonderful job!!!, thanks again. I loved your job.

Luisa Espejel
Childhood vinyl baby