Effanbee Patsy

The impish Effanbee Patsy family of dolls  were  brought to life on Valentine’s Day 1929.  Made of all composition and being painted in brown, oriental  and flesh colors, the dolls  were incredibly popular with their side glancing eyes, cupie mouth and able to stand alone.

This doll had typical issues with the paint lifting from contour areas on the composition. Typical areas are the sides of the nose, eyes, dimples, corners of the mouth, navel, ears and contours of the arms and leg sockets.   Doll owners bring the dolls in due to a crack here and there, not realizing that the crack represents an opening of which, under is lifted.  Even if there is no crack as yet, if you look carefully you can see that the paint has lifted and bubble is now present.  By pressing the bubbled area the paint pops, breaks and reveals the composition underneath where it no longer adheres.   Shirley Temple is another popular doll where this is generally present.

Effanbee Patsy doll close up

Completed Effanbee Patsy doll with replica clothing and oilcloth shoes fabricated by Antique Child Doll Restoration.

Patsy face before Effanbee Patsy face after restoration
Patsy side view before Effanbee Patsy before

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We received the doll yesterday. She arrived in great shape and looks EXCELLENT! We are very pleased with the job you did.
Thank You

Paul Wilde