Effanbee Bubbles

Effanbee Bubbles before

BEFORE Effanbee Bubbles with paint lifting, peeling, and chipping

Effanbee Bubbles before

BEFORE with some paint removal and patching

Effanbee Bubles AFTER

AFTER full restore

The Effanbee Bubbles baby doll was very popular and made in several sizes.  A popular doll today, the Effanbee baby dolls are a good investment in restoration.  A common issue with the Bubbles is that the composition finish splits at the seams and because of the many contours of the face and hands, the composition lifts and cracks in those areas as well, requiring a refinish of the surface and smoothing of the lifted areas.

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Process & FAQ
 Process & FAQ

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The doll arrived today and she is awesome, I know Mom will treasure her as she did as a child. I want to thank you for your time...

Tim Stone