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Be an Informed Consumer!

The photos of work done will go a long way  in telling you about the business.  The photos here are doll repair samples of  a large variety of dolls restored and repaired.  To show you the detail of the work, the photos are  in good light with multiple angles and several samples of the assorted dolls.

Along with seeking a professional who can do good work, you want one that has good business practices, one how provides you will an itemized bid for your approval so there are no surprises on what the work will cost and exactly what is done to your doll.

Here at Antique Child Doll Restoration we work on many types of dolls from china dolls, to antique German and French dolls, composition dolls of the 1920’s and 1930’s, and vintage hard plastic and vinyl dolls from the 1950’s.

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Process & FAQ
 Process & FAQ

CLICK here to find out how the process works from sending your doll, completion time, payment info and shipping.


The doll looks simply wonderful. My mom took me aside a couple of weeks ago and told me she wanted to talk about her doll. She said how much ...

LuAnne Brown