Doll Repair Process

Quick Quote, Shipping, Bid Process, Work Order & Completion of Doll Repair

        Customers are welcome to come to the studio located near Boise, Idaho for full service doll repair, clothing and accessory items or utilize the “QUICK QUOTE” email form to get an idea of how much it might cost for services including repair, restoration or conservation of your doll and doll items.

The first step in the doll repair process is a conversation, in-person, email or telephone, discussing your project in detail and answering additional questions you may have about Antique Child, experience or products and services available.  You may send photos for more clarification through the QUICK QUOTE link and a preliminary estimate of the project will be outlined for you to decide if you want to send your doll.

In the doll repair process it is important to assure your doll will arrive safely at Antique Child.  For assistance you may follow these SHIPPING GUIDELINES.   Keep a copy of  photos of your doll and project for your own records.  Remove the wig and clothing if they are not to be worked on and keep them. Include a note with all contact information and a reminder of what you would like done.  All shipping  to and from is under the obligation of the doll owner.

Upon receipt of your doll, a detailed examination  will occur, including additional arrival photos.  A line-item bid quote for the doll repair process will be tabulated and  sent to you for review. Included in the BID will be items that you mentioned in your initial contact (& enclosed note) as well as anything else that we see that you might want to consider.  You are under NO obligation to accept each line item. Each line item on the bid is to be authorized by you, signified by your initial on each  item.  You need  to  keep a copy of the bid and send a signed copy to Antique Child Doll Restoration before any restoration can  begin.    An email authorization  is also acceptable as a contractual agreement.  The line items are  important so that the customer gets the exact service they expect and know what each item includes.   In the rare case that, after reviewing the bid, you choose not to move forward with the restoration, the doll will be returned at your expense.

A deposit of 1/2  is required for large or unusual work orders, otherwise the work is billed out at completion.

It is only after completion and written acceptance of this detailed quote that your doll will be placed on a work order list.  Dolls are worked on in the order in which they arrive, unless a rush is placed on them to meet a specific date for a special event (birthday, Mother’s day, Christmas. etc).  A common schedule is to have 50 dolls on the work order list. Typical turn around is 3 months. Customers are encouraged to check the placement and progress of their doll on the list at any time.

At the completion of the restoration, you will be notified with a copy of the invoice and photos of the completed project for your approval.

A pay request is made with most customers preferring to pay with a credit card.  PayPal is utilized for this purpose. You do not have to have a PayPal account to utilize the credit card service.   Check or money order is equally acceptable. The doll(s) and/or clothing**  will be returned following payment in full.  

In the event of a no pay financial obligation,  a 30 day grace period in allowed in which the transaction may be completed.  In the event 30 days laps without restitution, the doll(s) etal. become the property of Antique Child Doll Restoration to disperse to recover expenses incurred for work completed. 

** There is no refund on custom clothing due to the unique nature of the order. Exchange is at the discretion of Antique Child personnel.


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Process & FAQ
 Process & FAQ

CLICK here to find out how the process works from sending your doll, completion time, payment info and shipping.


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