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      What is it???

Do you have a doll you would like to repair?
Repairing your doll is an important decision and one that takes time to research to find the  doll repair service that best fits your needs. Antique Child offers full service doll repair and doll restoration, including bisque, china, composition, hard plastic and vinyl doll repair. Please take time to review before & after photos.

1920 Mama Doll all original

1920 Mama Doll all original

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Doll repair, doll restoration and conservation is the art and skill.  Antique and vintage dolls are thought of as a work of art.  Doll repair is more than being a Doll Doctor; it is learning and restoring a work of art to museum quality or returning it as a family heirloom.

What is museum quality doll restoration?
To be considered “museum quality” the restoration must meet standards in preserving dolls or other objects that would be approved by any museum. To achieve standards in doll repair and restoration, an essential criteria is met:
The doll must appear as it originally did, with the doll repair and doll restoration work  undetectable when viewing it on display or even in close examination and handling of the doll.
The materials used in the doll repair and doll restoration must be permanent –meaning that over time they will not crack, chip, yellow, discolor or in any way deteriorate.

Years in the Making

Years acquiring the knowledge is needed to know which materials are permanent and compatible with the original materials the doll. For example, the different materials are used on on the different type of dolls.

Photographs on this website are dolls restored or costumed by me. Some pages of the dolls show a  “before” state as well as in the finished state. I encourage you to compare the work—and photos—with any out there on the web. Notice that all our pictures are large and clear to show excellent views of the antique composition repair as well as the antique china doll and bisque restoration work. You may make an appointment with me to see my work in person.

What questions should I ask when seeking someone to restore my antique doll(s)?
Many people out there call themselves doll hospitals or doll doctors and say they do antique doll repair or antique doll restoration.
You will also find many prices for what appear to be the same kind of work, and you wonder why.

One reason for cheaper prices is that they are not as skilled or cut corners in the antique doll repair or doll restoration process—these are people who decided “Hey, I can fix dolls!” and start doing it for themselves and friends. Their materials are the fastest, cheapest and easiest to use. The most common used being water based craft paints and paints used in making porcelain dolls. Paints used in making porcelain dolls (sometimes call china paints) are  fired on, and if they are not fired, they are not permanent paints.

Unskilled antique doll repair and doll hospital providers often don’t even know what an air brush is. It is not uncommon for them to use plaster for filler. This is porous, does not permanently adhere to the material of the doll, and does not take a finish well, which even after it is painted, the paint eventually dries up and begins to crack or flake off and is also subject to discoloration.
To avoid being victimized by unskilled service providers
you should ask them the following questions before turning your valued treasures over to them:

1900 German doll with leather body and all original wardrobe

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How long have you been doing this?

What kind of filler do you use?

Do you use an air brush for painting?

Do you airbrush on cheek color and eye shadow?

Can I see samples of your work in person, if I come there?

If I can’t come in person, how do I get my doll(s) to you?

How long will you have my doll(s)?

Do you have contact information for others you have done work for? (References)

How do I know I will get my own doll back, and not another doll?

And of course you will ask, “How much does it cost?” Do you offer an itemized bid?


There is no way a true professional can tell you what a repair will cost without examining the doll. There are simply too many variables to make that feasible.
On our “QUICK QUOTE” page you will find a form you can fill out to get an informal estimate as to what your doll may cost to restore. Any prices we quote using this method are just estimates, but will give you a rough idea of the cost. In order for your work to be accepted you will need to request a formal quote and follow the quote process outlined on our “Quote Process” page.

Once your doll has been examined, a firm fixed price for the work will be itemized for you, which you may either approve and restoration proceeds, or you choose not to accept, and your doll will be returned to you just as it was received. (at your expense as outlined in our quote process)

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Process & FAQ
 Process & FAQ

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We received the doll yesterday. She arrived in great shape and looks EXCELLENT! We are very pleased with the job you did.
Thank You

Paul Wilde