Doll Jumper

The doll jumper has been a staple for dolls since  composition dolls came to the American market. If you are looking a a cute alternative to the doll dress, here is your option!  Doll jumpers continued to be popular for 50 years.   Antique Child Doll Restoration offers  a variety of colors, collar  types and bonnets for sale.  Fabric selections include an assortment of printed cotton in lawn, voile and quilt weight fabrics.  Selections include collars, vintage trims, belts, bonnets and hair bows.

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Doll jumper

Doll Jumper in pink

pink jumper

Pink print jumper with organdy collar and cradle cap bonnet.

doll jumper on composition doll

Composition baby in jumper

Jumper & Bonnet
Jumper Styles
Color Selection??

doll jumper detail

Rayon flowers and loop trim on organdy collar

Cradle cap bonnet

Organdy and cotton bonnet

Sold by catalogs and stores, Antique Child Doll Restoration replicates vintage styles for your doll. Take a look at real store catalog advertisements featuring the doll jumper.

doll jumper with bonnet

Bonnet, round neckline, cuff sleeve, gathered leg.

Doll jumper

Bonnet, square neckline, puffed sleeve, belt.

doll jumper with belt

No bonnet, square neckline, belted

doll jumper advertisement

Jumper, organdy apron collar and cuff, bonnet

Jumper Advertisement

Gathered legs, cuff sleeve, round organdy collar, no bonnet


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 Process & FAQ

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The doll arrived today and she is awesome, I know Mom will treasure her as she did as a child. I want to thank you for your time...

Tim Stone