Composition Doll Clothes

Fabric for composition doll clothes for 1920’s and 1930’s.  Doll clothing was inexpensive and assembled cheaply.  The  finished doll then had a cute complete outfit.   The fabric for composition doll clothes was a lightweight voile or lawn.  Most outfits  had bonnet, dress, slip  and pantaloons (oilcloth shoes and socks).  The fabric below is reproduction vintage or vintage fabric. Baby dolls and mama dolls wore this type of printed fabric.

Composition dolls overtook the market for bisque dolls in the early 20th Century. Hailed by American doll making companies as unbreakable.  Composition dolls made  America the premier doll making country of the early to mid 20th Century. They were marketed in mail order catalogs and exclusive department stores.

blue clip dot

Blue clip dot & Squares on White

vintage squares

Vintage blue squares & flower on White

composition doll clothes reproduction fabirc

Children at Play

blue & floral lawn

Antique White Blue/ violet floral Lawn

Dusty blue floral voile

Dusty Blue Floral Voile

blue floral lawn fabric

Blue bouquet floral lawn

blue tiny ducks on white fabric

Blue tiny ducks on white

forest green fabric

Vintage White floral on floral forest green

red and green floral

Vintage red, pink and green floral

organdy purple

Purple with white flower organdy

voile fabric in lg purple flower

Purple & pink Voile

lawn pin daisy

Vintage lawn pink daisy on pink

cotton print fabric

Pink bouquet lawn floral

floral fabric

Pink floral, green leaf lawn

cotton dimity blue

Blue clip dot with dimity square cotton

pink voile

Pink Voile

pink stripes

pink wide and thin stripes

composition doll clothes with yellow ducks

Yellow ducks on pink

pink flower lawn

Antique white lawn with pink flowers

pink blue floral yellow bkground

Floral with yellow backround

pink dot lawn

Pink dot lawn

balloon fabric for composition doll clothes

Balloons on red X

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Process & FAQ
 Process & FAQ

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Ordering custom clothing is sometimes scary. The doll was such a family treasure the owner was reluctant to send her. When the clothes arrived he was thrilled . . . . .

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