China Doll Dress Set

china doll dress with taffeta jacket taffeta jacket with cording for china doll dressThis china doll dress works very well on a slim body china doll because the sleek lines of the style shows off a slim waist to advantage.  The china doll dress set features a fitted taffeta jacket with matching cording trim at the edge and buttons with a frog closure at the waist to provide a snug fit at the waist over the cotton dress underneath.   The china doll dress is made of Homespun brand 100% cotton plaid fabric which is  fitted at the waist with a flare to the hemline.  There is a nice matching cording at the hemline of the dress to tie in the colors of the dress and jacket for this china doll dress set.  This dset  is available in several assorted colors and fabrics in appropriate fabrics for the Civil War and post war periods.  

Homespun Dress w Taffeta Jacket

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You are amazing! I hope you don't mind if I post this all over Facebook . . .
Colleen Hayko

Colleen Hayko