China Doll Clothing

 Civil War Day Dress with Hemline Cording  Trim

These examples of a typical China doll clothing Day dress are similar, yet have slight style differences.   Antique Child has many Civil War era fabrics  in stock, as well as trims for china doll clothing that can be utilized to fabricate similar dresses for your china doll.  In addition utilizing old jewelry pieces for accent adds elegant and authentic touches, as well as antique and vintage trims currently in stock.  Because china doll bodies vary in proportions, each dress is individually assembled and customized to the your liking, color and taste.   Each sample has its own special focus when jewelry, bonnets (see samples in photos)  and additional details that make the dress special for your doll.  The dress you decide for your doll can be as elaborate or simple as you would like.

china doll clothing authentic bonnet for Civil War era trim on a Civil War dress
Civil War Day Dress china doll clothing Civil War doll dress in gray stripe Civil War Day dress in gray stipes for china doll clothing  cording used doll clothing
 Civil War era cotton doll dress

china doll clothing during Civil War

Civil War with Hemline latice & rayon trim

Day Dress Sizes
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 Process & FAQ

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This is Luisa again to let you know I received Rosa last Friday July 31st. You did such a wonderful job!!!, thanks again. I loved your job.

Luisa Espejel
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