China Doll Body – Leather Boots – Leather Arms

China doll body with leather arms and boots

China doll with leather boots & leather arms

china doll body leather boots

Sample of leather boots with striped socks

Leather china doll boots

Leather boots in red

china leather arms

China Doll Body -Leather Options

Fabric selections for china doll socks
Sample fabric selections for china doll lower legs


Many of the larger china dolls had leather arms and leather boots.  This was used, mainly to eliminate weight from the doll and possible breakage that occurs when the doll is dropped or the pieces clank together.  

The custom body is stuff with sawdust* .   The body can be ordered with both arms and legs of kid leather or china arms and kid leather boots.  Custom socks are also offered in black or colored stripes or pillow ticked and will be selected to be in scale with body proportions.

***Sawdust is from pure  wood, not composite materials such as plywood or medite that may contain chemicals,  fillers or glues.  (Please specify width and depth of head or for best fit, send your head.  Antique child will attach your head to the new body FREE of charge. )

***** Please read IMPORTANT details regarding ordering and size specifications


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 Process & FAQ

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Wow Janie, they look fantastic! "Sally" will be so happy to have her shoes back.

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