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1934 was the year Shirley Temple launched a career that would  forever impact the doll industry.  Her first movie Stand Up and Cheer led to the Shirley Temple doll and one of the most comprehensive marketing campaigns the doll industry has ever experienced.  Because of her extreme popularity, the Shirley Temple doll outsold all other dolls and had an extensive wardrobe of Shirley Temple doll clothing.  Not to be left out, other doll companies jumped on the band wagon to create dolls that were similar to Shirley Temple.  Most of the dresses that are featured in this section will fit the composition dolls with the same body style as Shirley Temple, such as the Madam Alexander Princess Elizabeth dolls and composition Shirley Temple look-a-likes.   New dresses are always being researched with ever effort to duplicate authentic details for the Shirley Temple doll wardrobe.  Most other vendors offer the dance dress and the coin dress, but many collectors are seeking other style of Shirley Temple doll dresses, which are featured here.
*** For those that wish to also have authentic replica Shirley Temple doll clothing, the outfits represented are made to fit the Shirley Temple doll so be sure and measure when buying for a look-alike.  If you have any questions, please email.

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Shirley Temple Size Chart

There were many Shirley Temple look-alike dolls that were popular and sold for many years to little girls that could not afford the original.  If you have a similar doll or just love the Shirley type clothing, this chart has been provided to compare your doll for accurate sizing.  A similar chart has also been provided for shoes.   Shirley clothing is sized according to the height of the doll, as well as the onsie for under the dress.  If you would like a Shirley style dress and your doll does not fit in the measurements provided, email an inquiry and every effort will be made to fit your doll appropriately.    Want  oilcloth Doll Shoes that look like original?

Shirley Temple Size Chart
Doll Height Shoulder (width) Chest (around) Neck to Hem Length
13″ 3.5″ 7″ 5″
15″ 4″ 8.5″ 5.5″
16″ 4.5″ 9″ 6″
18″ 5″ 9.5″ 7″
20″ 5.5″ 10.5″ 7.5″
22″ 6″ 11.5″ 8″
25″ 7″ 12.5″ 9″
27″ 7.5″ 13″ 10.5″


Shirley Anchor Dress

Shirley Anchor dress was not a dress that she wore in any movies, but was commonly seen in early publicity stills.  Replicated from a 1934 sample, the Shirley Temple anchor dress is made of white lawn and red vintage 1930 trim.  The neckline is edged with the red cording as well as used on the ties and bodice.  Sleeves are gathered and the shoulders and hem for easy fitting of Shirley Temple dolls and Shirley Temple look-alike dolls.  A satin white ribbon accents the neckline for a finishing touch.   Closure in the back is a gold safety pin as was common with the original dresses.  The white lawn fabric is semi-sheer.

To bring out the fullness of the dress a teddy/slip combination is used (onsie) on this model.   Other accessories also available are the oilcloth shoes with the gold, square buckle seen on the original Shirley Temple doll.   The original  Shirley Temple anchor dress is considered very rare.  Finding an authentic replica is indeed an excellent addition to a collector who is looking for variety in their Shirley Temple display.

ST Anchor Dress

Shirley Temple Anchor dress Shirley Anchor dress back view


Doll Socks

Doll Socks are available in several styles.  The doll socks are fabricated here at Antique Child Doll Restoration from fabric taken from a bolt of fabric.  The fabric content available is a light weight rayon, rayon and cotton blend and cotton.  The fabric is very light weight and ideal for dolls.  There is small ribbon on the socks.  The socks are made in a tube form to accommodate a heel placement for any size foot.  The socks are cut to order so please indicate the length you would like the socks as well as around the calf so the appropriate diameter  is sent.

doll socks black doll socks in cotton white doll socks in cotton

Calf & Length Measurement

Shirley Temple Loop Dress

Replica Shirley Temple loop dress from 1935 worn by Shirley Temple and featured on Shirley Temple dolls.    The dress was not one that was seen in Shirley’s movies but was one that was featured in an advertisement of Shirley Temple dolls in the October 1935 edition of Our Drummer  magazine.    The 100% cotton dress features red fabric with white stars is gathered in the back and a large pleat across the front.  The loop dress has  puffed sleeves, organdy collar and rayon loop trim decorating the collar and down the front.  Charming red loop buttons decorate the bodice down the front of the loop dress.

Shirley Temple Loop Dress Shirley Temple Loop Dress

ST Loop Dress

Shirley Temple Apron Dress

This Shirley Temple Apron Dress is another replica that is similar of a dress that Shirley wore in a movie and was sold on Shirley Temple dolls.   The floral dress is made of lightweight cotton lawn with a charming green and blue flower.   The puffed sleeve and neck line have matching organdy to compliment the apron.  The accompanying  apron is made of cotton organdy with a marching floral rayon trim across the hem.  The Shirley Temple apron dress is believed to he modeled after an outfit that Shirley Temple wore in the  1938 movie Wee Willie Winkie.  The original sell, of course, for hundreds, but you can have one for your doll for much less.

Shirley Temple Apron Dress Shirley Temple Apron Dress Shirley Temple Apron Dress

ST Floral & Apron Dress



Shirley Temple Schoolgirl Dress

The Shirley Temple schoolgirl dress is a replicated dress that she wore in the movie Bright Eyes.  It came is several colors of reds, blues and yellows. Shirley Temple wore the dress when she  sang “On the Good Ship Lollipop.”   The schoolgirl dress has been a popular dress for Shirley Temple dolls for years and.  The appropriate fabric is very lightweight and often difficult to find in the right scale of plaid.  The old version of the plaid schoolgirl dress is cotton madras fabric.  The new dresses are a lightweight woven.  In order to allow the collar to lay right, it has been fabricated in a voile or organdy with the trim in rayon braid.  This dress is all Shirley Temple!  The dress displays will with the combination slip/underpants  (Onsie) and is available for sale.

 Darling shcoolgirl dressin yellow, blue and red

with a navy bow at the

throat.  The collar is

voile on this dress, with

ribbon rayon.

Shirley Temple schoolgirl dress in Navy and yellow Shirley Temple dress in Navy and yellow
NEW plaid schoolgirl in stock!!Light weight cotton with cotton

organdy collar with rayon

braid trim and ribbon.

Shirley Temple schoolgirl dress in plaid Plaid Shirley dress

Sizes Schoolgirl Plaid

Shirley Temple plaid, old model

OLDER style available ONLY in sizes 13, 15 & 16


School Girl Dress


Shirley Temple Triangle Dress

 Shirley Temple Triangle DressThis Shirley Temple triangle dress was fairly common and came in several different fabric patterns.  It was not used in any of the Shirley Temple  movies but is a common style for the Shirley Temple dolls and look-alike dolls. This doll dress is done in light weight cotton with rayon bands at the sleeves, collar with cotton lace and accenting triangles in the front.  Also available to gor under the Shirley Temple triangle dress is the combination slip and teddy (onsie) that the dolls were sold with when new.
Triangle Dress

Shirley Temple Sailor Dress

Shirley Temple sailor dress and hat Shirley Temple sailor  dress and hatSailor Dress
From the movie Poor Little Rich Girl this classic Shirley Temple sailor dress comes has a matching hat.  Made in lightweight batiste, this navy dress features  braid around the sleeves and a sailor collar with contrasting buttons and ties. Available in red and navy. Not included, but available is the combination slip and teddy (Onsie) worn underneath this dress.

ST Navy Sailor Dress

Shirley Temple Music Note Dress

Music Note Dress

Shirley Temple Music Note DressThis cotton batiste Shirley Temple Music Note dress from the movie Our Little Girl  features the simulated music note score with embroidered treble clef and notes that go all the way around the hem portion of the dress.  The design is the same as  found on the original dress. To add the finishing touch, the Shirley Temple Music Note dress has a white rayon ribbon that accents around the bodice and ties in the front. Also included with this dress is an additional white rayon ribbon to ties in her hair so that all pieces will match.  Not included, but available is the combination slip/under pants (onsie) worn underneath this dress.

Music Note Dress

Shirley Temple Dance Dress

Shirley Temple Dance Dress
The Shirley Temple Dance Dress was worn the 1934 movie Baby Takes a Bow. Made of quality pink cotton organdy, this dress features a pleated skirt and collar, silk ties at the wrist and a satin ribbon around the bodice and is an exact replica of the original that the Shirley Temple doll wore and Shirley wore in the movie.  Because of the sheer qualities of organdy,  it is suggested that  a combination slip/under pants should be worn underneath this dress. (not included with this dress, but available)
Dance Dress

Shirley Temple Coin Dress

Shirley Temple Coin DressShirley Temple Coin dress was worn at her first  movie, Stand Up and Cheer.   The first Shirley Temple dolls came out with this Coin Dot dress.  This dress is different from most Coin Dresses sold on the market in that it is done in 100% cotton organdy, rather than the cotton cloth most make the dress out of.  I went to the extra effort to attain cotton organdy to make this dress as  authentic to the original! The  red polka dot dress  is accented with red rayon ribbon  at the neck, skirt edges and bodice .   This dress is a classic Shirley Temple.  Not included, but available is the combination slip/under pants worn underneath this dress.

Coin Dress

Shirley Temple Onsie

Shirley Temple Onsie

Shirley Temple Onsie


Essential Onsie!

A Shirley Temple Onsie (combination slip and panties) is an essential item.  A onsie  completes Shirley Temple doll outfit and some look-a-like dolls. The onsie combo is a combination panties and slip.  This onsie,  copied from an original that Shirley Temple dolls wore is an authentic garment. The slip and panty onsie made to fit the composition Shirley Temple dolls and will not fit the vinyl or porcelain dolls.  If you have a question about the size, please email.  Sizes are also listed above.

Shirley Onsie


  Original doll came with a onsie with every dress dress.  Don’t forget yours!


Shirley Temple Pin

Shirley Temple pinShirley Temple Pin
This Shirley Temple pin is a replica of the original doll pin that was included when a Shirley Temple doll was sold in the 1940’s.  The pin is an authentic reproduction and features the tag line and text of the original around the outside light pink border of “The World’s Darling, Genuine Shirley Temple Doll.”  The photo of Shirley on the pin is black and white.  The pin came in may styles and sizes over the years that Shirley Temple dolls were sold for the Shirley Temple club and fans to collect. This pin is a stick pin style and used as an advertisement pin, placed on Shirley Temple  dolls when sold.


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