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Doll Accessories

Don’t forget the added touches of doll accessories that make the doll clothing you chose extra special.  Shoes, bonnets and hats as well as underclothing like slips, pantaloons, or a chemise (See menu on left) are doll accessories that are available to complete that great dress or outfit?  The right doll clothing brings out the best in your doll and the right accessories finish the look so that the doll clothing you chose looks even better!! 

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Mama Doll Dresses

The Mama doll dresses  featured here are for the antique composition, cloth body doll.  Because of design, Mama doll dresses are not form fitting and are a simple A line design that also fits many other cloth body dolls of the era.  The dresses  are made of cotton and cotton organdy and trimmed with cotton and antique lace of assorted styles.  The style is a copy of an actual Mama doll dresses were copied from an original dress.  The Mama doll dresses are sold in sets that dress and  pantaloons that are gathered at the bottom of the leg to cover the cloth portion of the leg. Many of the sets also include bonnets or matching ribbons. Because of the sheer nature of the lawn, organdy and voile cloth, it is suggested that a matching slip be worn underneath.  Many of the sets also come with the slip.  Dress and slips are fastened with a gold safety pin.  This is how most were sold originally because of the variety of dolls and sizes the dresses were used on.  The pins allow for easy adjustment. Dress and slips are available in sizes 20-30.

Stars n Stripe Dress

Stars n stripe dress set for antique Mama dolls made 1920-1940 is celebrating with patriotic spirit.  The inspiration for this dress was taken from a vintage catalog photo pictured below.  This darling 100% cotton dress features white stars over red fabric.  Old stock rayon trim edges sleeves, hem and front panel with loops and braid.  An adjustable drawstring neck allows for just the right fit.  The set comes with matching bloomers.  Also available for order  is an extra large white organdy (as shown)  bow or matching Normandy style bonnet.

A stars n stripe dress is never out of style!  The 4th of July is not the only time to bring out your patriot spirit.  November is coming with elections and don’t forget Christmas and February 14th for a perfect occasion to wear red.

stars n stripe Mama doll dress Stars n stripe dress with bow

Dress/bloomers * Bonnet * Bow

Stars n stripe bonnet stars n stripe dress back view  stars n stripe Mama doll dress bloomers

Brass Buckle Dress n Jumper

Cute antique doll dress with matching bloomers or jumper !    The photos do not do justice to the authentic details of the fabric  because you can not really see the subtle old rose print and accents of the 100% cotton fabric. The rose colored flat lace and looped ruche trim is old stock from the 1920’s  and 1930’s!  Both dress and jumper  are  accented with brass buckles that accessorize the hang tabs on the shoulders and the belt at the waist. The inspiration for the doll dress and doll jumper was taken from a vintage catalog and are as authentic as you can get, coming from Germany a couple of years ago when I was in Sonneberg.

The brass buckle dress n jumper is appropriate for American made composition dolls such as the Mama doll modeling the dress.  The jumper is appropriate for American made composition dolls, such as toddler types and boy dolls,  as well as the German toddler  dolls modeling in the photos.  The age of the dolls wearing the brass buckle dress n jumper are  close in age by just a few years, essentially 1920’s.  The model dolls are a 1927 Dolly Rekord Mama doll and a Simon Halbig 122B flirty eyed black doll on a toddler body. .

Available in the same fabric as the brass buckle dress n jumper is a matching bonnet or large organdy bow, both common of the era for these dolls.


Brass Buckle sizes n accessories
Dress or Jumper
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brass buckle dress n jumper for antique and composition dolls

Mama doll dress n Jumper

100% cotton fabric for doll dresses
Mama doll dress with marching bloomers Mama doll brass buckle dress with organdy bow brass buckle dress accent belt and lapels
Simon Halbig flirty toddler in jumper IMG_6840 Flirty eye Simon Halbig 122b wearing brass accessory jumper


Doll Jumper

The doll jumper has been a staple for dolls since  composition dolls came to the American market. If you are looking a a cute alternative to the doll dress, here is your option!  Doll jumpers continued to be popular for 50 years.   Antique Child Doll Restoration offers  a variety of colors, collar  types and bonnets for sale.  Fabric selections include an assortment of printed cotton in lawn, voile and quilt weight fabrics.  Selections include collars, vintage trims, belts, bonnets and hair bows.

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Doll jumper

Doll Jumper in pink

pink jumper

Pink print jumper with organdy collar and cradle cap bonnet.

doll jumper on composition doll

Composition baby in jumper

Jumper & Bonnet
Jumper Styles
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doll jumper detail

Rayon flowers and loop trim on organdy collar

Cradle cap bonnet

Organdy and cotton bonnet

Sold by catalogs and stores, Antique Child Doll Restoration replicates vintage styles for your doll. Take a look at real store catalog advertisements featuring the doll jumper.

doll jumper with bonnet

Bonnet, round neckline, cuff sleeve, gathered leg.

Doll jumper

Bonnet, square neckline, puffed sleeve, belt.

doll jumper with belt

No bonnet, square neckline, belted

doll jumper advertisement

Jumper, organdy apron collar and cuff, bonnet

Jumper Advertisement

Gathered legs, cuff sleeve, round organdy collar, no bonnet


Green Floral Doll Dress

What a charming green floral doll dress set for your antique and vintage composition dolls!  Are you looking for a green floral doll dress , with marigold flowers?  Compliment your holiday decorations that beg for green accents like fall decorations, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day.  Taken from a vintage catalog photo, this 1930’s printed fabric is 100% cotton with real cotton organdy and rayon trim.  The forest green accent ribbon brings out the background green colors and green colors of the doll’s eyes.  The green floral doll dress set includes  the A line dress, matching bloomers and mock Normandy bonnet.   This type of dress was very common for the Mama doll as well as other dolls that had composition arms and legs with cloth bodies. The bloomers cover the cloth portions of the upper legs.

Green Dress Set Sizes
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  Green floral doll dress for composition dolls face view
Green floral doll dress for composition dolls Green floral doll dress for composition dolls back view


Children Play Doll Dress

You can play dolls with your Children Play Doll Dress Set!  Made of 100% cotton, the set includes dress, bloomers and over-sized organdy hair bow.  This dress pattern featuring children riding bikes and playing games is commonly seen on composition dolls of the era.  The inspiration for the children play doll dress came from an antique catalog from the 1920’s.  The A line dress is trimmed in vintage navy loop ric-rac  with lots of details.  The collar is imported organdy with and embroidered duck and ric rac edging.   The Children play doll dress pantaloons is roomy enough for those chunky cloth body dolls and is long enough to cover the cloth portion of the upper leg.

The doll featured is a Dollie ReKord with an Edison phonograph in her torso. She plays and recites. nursery rhymes. She has been loving restored by Antique Child Doll Restoration.

Children play doll dress Mama Doll Children Play doll dress set front view    Children Play dress set antique doll dress


Children at Play Dress Set
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Duck Doll Dress Set

Just Ducky!  This Duck doll dress set in pink and yellow is just wonderful for cloth body composition dolls.  This charming dress set is accented with loop trim, satin ribbons and yellow embroidered flowers. The bonnet features an organdy brim with cut loop edge.  The inspiration for this dress was taken from a 1920 summer catalog for children’s clothing.  The imported cotton organdy is done with period details in mind. Dress is A frame for ample hips.  The pantaloons are also done for extra room for those chunky dolls and fit several body styles.

The Flossy Flirt modeling this dress has been restored by Antique Child Doll Restoration.

head detail for duck doll dress set
Duck Dress Set Sizes
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duck doll dress set back view Duck doll dress set


Flutterby Doll Dress Set

Looking for a great dress for your antique doll from the 1920-30? Take a look at this patterned Flutterby doll dress set.  This doll dress set features accented pastel peach and red tone flowers.  Yellow organdy is used for the collar and over-sized hair ribbon.  The style is replicated  from a similar style featured in the Harper’s Bazar 1917 catalog.  This Flutterby doll dress set works well on Mama Doll body styles as well as  child body styles that have a cloth body and composition arms and legs.  The bloomers are roomy enough for those chunky bodies and long enough to cover the cloth portion of the leg.   The dress comes to just below the knees with the hem accented with red loop trim.  The same loop trim  accents the 100% organdy collar and puffed sleeve edge.

This Mama Doll is a Dolly Record with an Edison phonograph in her torso.  She has been lovingly restored by Antique Child Doll Restoration.

Mama Doll Flutterby dress set

Flutterby Dress Set
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Flutterby Mama Doll Dress set back view Flutterby Mama Doll Dress set


Clip Dot Swiss Doll Dress

This clip dot Swiss doll dress is made for antique Mama dolls.  Done in a light lawn fabric, this 1927 replica Mama doll dress features navy blue clip dots  on a light window pane pattern with fancy vintage rayon ric rack trim.  It is smartly styled for your doll with a bonnet that features a double row or cotton organdy and rayon trim.  This set also comes with matching bloomers and bonnet.

Mama navy ric rac clip dot dress

1927 Catalog Image

Clip Dot Swiss Doll Dress for Mama dolls

Authentic details for 1927 doll dress

 Clip Dot Swiss Doll Dress and bonnet

Mama doll dress clip dot bonnet details

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Red Dot Mama Doll Dress

This Red Dot Mama Doll Dress is made of light and sheer voile fabric and features a matching bonnet. Replicated from an advertisement  featured in the Sears catalog, this   Mama doll dress of 1924 featured doll dress had been replicated for those that value authentic looking doll dresses.  Done in cotton voile with rayon accent  trim on the round collar, sleeves and bonnet, this dress is ideal.   Set includes matching bonnet, bloomers and slip.

Mama polka dot red rayon trim dress

1924 Catalog Image

Red Dot Mama Doll Dress

Mama doll dress in red polka dot voile with rayon trim

Red Dot Mama Doll Dress

Note bodice and Bonnet details

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Aqua Lawn Mama Doll Dress

This Aqua Lawn Mama Doll Dress is made from a soft, wonderful light cotton Mama doll dress made of  lawn in aqua with pink flowers and embroidered cotton organdy collar  with vintage cotton eyelet lace trim.  This charming dress is another catalog replica from 1931.   The dress features a loose fit with an organdy embroidered cross collar and old stock eyelet cotton trim.  Included with this dress are matching bloomers.

Mama flowered lawn w emb collar

1931 Catalog Image

Aqua Lawn Mama Doll Dress

Mama Dress in aqua lawn with embroidered collar and old stock eyelet trim

Aqua Lawn Mama Doll Dress

Close up of bodice with cross collar

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Pane Mama Doll Dress

This blue window pane Mama doll dress is totally charming.  It is replicated after a 1922 blue window pane mama doll dress  designed cotton. This Mama doll dress features delicate pin tucks for sizing on the bodice.  Dress is trimmed with a cotton organdy square collar, cuffs and pockets, accented with rayon flowers. The fabric on this set is cotton with cotton organdy pockets, sleeves, neckline and bonnet.  The bonnet features cotton lace and silk embroidery.  Set includes matching bloomers and matching bonnet.

Mama dress blue window pane

1922 Catalog Image

Pane Mama Doll Dress

Authentic Mama Doll Dress Details

Pane Mama Doll Dresset

Lovely details included in bonnet and bodice

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Stripe Mama Doll Dress

This darling  Stripe Mama Doll Dress copied from a 1921 stripe Mama doll dress has been replicated  from a period catalog that features dolls sold through the Sears catalog of the 1920’s.  The doll dress pattern is a stripe white and blue cotton, accented  with blue cotton loop braided cording.   Collar, pocket and cuffs are jacquard style white cotton organdy accented with rayon embroidery flowers.  This doll dress set comes with matching bloomers.

doll dress blue stripes w sq collar

1921 Catalog Advertisment

Stripe Mama Doll Dress

Mama Doll Dress with square collar and cording

Stripe Mama Doll Dress

Lovely bodice details for Mama doll dress

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Mama Doll Tulip Batiste Dress & Bonnet Set

Tulip print cotton Mama dress and bonnet

Tulip print cotton Mama dress and bonnet

Tulip print Mama doll bonnet

Tulip print Mama doll bonnet

Mama doll  dress is charming with a light blue tulip print in batiste cotton and trimmed with cotton lace. The matching bonnet has matching lace and a adjustable gathered back.   Sizes available 20-30   Slip not included.
Mama Tulip Batiste Dress











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