Underwear for Dolls

China Doll Petticoat

china doll petticoatThe china doll petticoat was a staple for china dolls as it added layers of fullness to the gathered dresses and replicated the fashion of the day.  Made of 100% cotton, this china doll petticoat, with authentic details,  features a  fitted waist,  at least 2 rows of pin tucked cotton and  lace at the hem.   Please reference size chart for approximate size.  Petticoat has additional 1″ at waist band for adjustment.  Custom sizes available, please email request.  


Fitted Waistband Pantaloons

fitted waistband pantaloons for dollsThe fitted waistband pantaloons is an authentic replica straight leg pantaloons.  Made for antique dolls, the pantaloons has  fitted waistband, with lace trim at hem.  The pantaloons were a common fashion garment from the Civil War era. Worn through the Victorian and Edwardian era as common underclothing.  China dolls are nearly always found wearing fitted pantaloons.  Pantaloons were also worn by French and German antique dolls from the 1870 through the 1920’s.    Please consult size chart for waist approximation  Allowance of 1″ additional added.  Closure with safety-pin. 


Elastic Waist Pantaloons

Elastic waist pantaloons and drawers are now available!  Fabricated in 100% cotton lawn with vintage cotton lace and accented with 2 rows of pin tucks.

So what’s the difference you ask?  Let’s talk pantaloons, drawers and bloomers.  Both pantaloons, drawers and bloomers were a common undergarment for antique and vintage dolls.   All 3 have legs, unlike panties.  Bloomers do just that, they bloom out, meaning they are gathered at the bottom of the leg.  Pantaloons are longer than drawers.  Drawers are more like a boxer underwear in that the length of the leg is almost to the knee and were worn by antique child dolls that had dresses below the knee.  Pantaloon length is much longer, to the mid calf or the ankle.  Pantaloons were common on antique dolls like china dolls or dolls that wore dresses to the ankle.   Elastic waist pantaloons are wonderful for an odd size waist doll and easy to take on and off.

elastic waist pantaloons and drawers


Doll Panties

Doll panties are an essential under garment for dolls.  Two styles of doll panties are available for your vintage dolls.  Made of 100% cotton with an adjustable elastic waist and lace at the leg openings, this panty is available in several sizes.  This panty is fabricated here at Antique Child Doll Restoration and can be made to order for your doll.  An additional style commonly seen on 195’s style dolls is a nylon made panty.  This panty features fabric that is a sheer rayon with elastic at the waist and lace at the leg openings.  Some sizes in this panty are thinner than others. This panty comes in 6 sizes and is manufactured in China.





Doll Socks

Doll Socks are available in several styles.  The doll socks are fabricated here at Antique Child Doll Restoration from fabric taken from a bolt of fabric.  The fabric content available is a light weight rayon, rayon and cotton blend and cotton.  The fabric is very light weight and ideal for dolls.  There is small ribbon on the socks.  The socks are made in a tube form to accommodate a heel placement for any size foot.  The socks are cut to order so please indicate the length you would like the socks as well as around the calf so the appropriate diameter  is sent.

doll socks black doll socks in cotton white doll socks in cotton

Calf & Length Measurement

Drop Waist Doll Slip

Drop Waist Doll SlipThis drop waist doll slip is made for the drop waist dresses common with 1890 to the 1930’s bisque head German ball jointed and leather bodied antique dolls, as well as  French child antique dolls.  Drop waist doll slip is made of 100% light weight  cotton lawn  with cotton lace trim at hem, surged seam at neck and arms, pin closure in back for easy adjustment on the assorted dolls that the slip fits.  The drop waist doll slip is sized to fit under the drop waist doll dresses that Antique Child offers for sale.


Shirley Temple Onsie

Shirley Temple Onsie

Shirley Temple Onsie


Essential Onsie!

A Shirley Temple Onsie (combination slip and panties) is an essential item.  A onsie  completes Shirley Temple doll outfit and some look-a-like dolls. The onsie combo is a combination panties and slip.  This onsie,  copied from an original that Shirley Temple dolls wore is an authentic garment. The slip and panty onsie made to fit the composition Shirley Temple dolls and will not fit the vinyl or porcelain dolls.  If you have a question about the size, please email.  Sizes are also listed above.

Shirley Onsie


  Original doll came with a onsie with every dress dress.  Don’t forget yours!


Mama Doll Slip


Batiste Mama doll slip

Batiste Mama doll slip

Mama Doll Slip are made of 100% cotton lawn and trimmed with lace around the hem.  They are a simple A line design with a rolled hem serged at the neck and arm holes. Slips are sized to fit underneath Mama doll dresses. Essential for the right look of fullness and under sheer dresses, this  Mama doll cotton batiste slip in A line style is trimmed with cotton lace.  Pin closure at back to adjust to neck.  Available in sizes 20-30

Mama Slip & Pantaloons
Special Instructions










Baby Doll Slip Set with Bloomers

Baby Doll Slip Set with Bloomers

Baby Doll Slip Set with Bloomers

Need a Custom Set?

The baby doll slip and boomer underwear set works well for most baby dolls, including soft bodied baby dolls, chunky baby dolls and the vintage baby dolls.  It was commonly seen on both small and larger baby doll.  It was used to add layers to sheer dresses and to protect the cloth bodies.  Made of soft cotton batiste & trimmed with cotton lace, the baby doll slip set closes with a brass safety pin for effective fitting to the neck.  In addition the waistband and legs feature soft elastic that adjusts to the assorted body styles.   Most sizes available.  

**If you would like a custom set in a different color or fabric, choose the size closest to your choice and not in Custom Field your needs.  Depending on request, an additional fee may be required. 


Patsy Doll Underwear Teddy

Patsy doll underwear teddyThis Patsy doll underwear teddy has been replicated from an original teddy commonly worn by the Effanbee Patsy doll line of the 1940’s.  The Patsy doll underwear teddy is made of 100% cotton with cotton lace at the leg openings.  The neck and arm holes are serged with a rolled hem.  The teddy fastens in the back with a gold safety pin so that it can be adjusted to fit both the Patsy and Patsy look alike dolls.

Available sizes: 9″ Patsyette,  11″ Patsy Jr., 14″ Patsy, 16″ Patsy Joan and 19″ Patsy Ann.
Please select size when ordering.

Patsy Doll Teddy

Patsy Doll Slips

Patsy doll slipThe Patsy doll slips are replicated from original Effanbee Patsy dolls slips and are made with authentic detailing.  The design of the Patsy doll slips is a simple A line with lace at the hem and a rolled hem at the neck and arm holes.  They are made to go under the Patsy dresses, these 100% cotton slips and are trimmed with cotton lace.  They are fastened in the back with a snap.
Sizes available: 9″ Patsyette, 11″ Patsy Jr., 14″ Patsy, 16″ Patsy Joan, and 19″ Patsy Ann
Please select size when ordering

Patsy Slip

Antique Style Doll Corset

antique style doll corset antique style doll corset

Antique style doll corset is made in a  variety of fabrics and trims.  The antique style doll corset is a common fashion item for antique dolls.  Made for china dolls, as well as fashion dolls, the doll corset is for hour-glass figures.  It is also used for straight body ball jointed dolls and  leather body antique dolls.  The doll corset is made in a variety ways.  Laces from eyelet to fine, across the bust line, waist and center panel is common. Silk ribbon is used in back to draw edges together for a perfect fit.  (sample is basic design, which changes slightly with updates)

Please note bust & waist size

Hoop Petticoat

hoop petticoatHoop petticoat for china and other dolls is made of 100% cotton, appropriate for china and parian antique dolls as well as can be adapted for French Fashion and German ball jointed and leather body dolls.   This authentic hoop petticoat is fabricated with several pin tucks and lace at hem.  Styles vary slightly with materials available. Hoop is above hemline to allow for draping and is made utilizing a rigid plastic cord that will not rust through and destroy the garment.  Because of size variances, please reference size chart for size approximations.  Waist bands are fitted with 1″ additional for adjustment and are closed with gold safety pin. 


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