Vinyl & Hard Plastic Repair Before & After

Plastic Doll Repair

Information on vinyl and hard plastic doll repair – To make your hard plastic or vinyl doll whole again, sometimes repairs or replacement parts are needed for missing or broken doll parts. Professional doll repair utilizes techniques and authentic parts to bring your doll back to what she was originally!   Every effort is made to provide authentic hard plastic and vinyl doll repair authenticity.

Hard Plastic Baby Doll

To repair this hard plastic baby doll, the head parts needed to be rejoined and her finish restored.  The hard doll has a charming face that was restored with a repaint to cover the fill and sand areas of the seam on its head.  The after affect is rather dramatic in restoring this baby doll back to original condition to be enjoyed again and again.

1950 doll before repair

BEFORE 1950 Hard Plastic Doll

Hard Plastic Baby Doll after repair

AFTER Hard Plastic Baby Doll with new paint and seam rejoined

AFTER hard Plastic baby doll after doll repair

AFTER  Baby Doll after seam is joined and finish repainted

Dydee Baby

Dydee baby Dydee baby Dydee baby for the 1950’s was made with rubber and hard plastic.  Often the rubber has dried and collapsed. The rubber dries out over the years so once the body has those kinds of issues, the only thing that can be done is to replace the body.  The Dydee baby was very popular and owners wish to keep the wonderful baby expression so they opt for a vintage body.  The best Dydee baby dolls that lasted are the bald ones that were taken into the bath and rehydrated with the water.   Sometimes re-hydrating the body works or replacing parts is necessary.  This baby had mold on the face and required a repaint as well.

Magic Skin Doll

Magic Skin doll detiorated

BEFORE arms and legs deterioration, hair dirty, tangled

Magic skin doll

AFTER ready to go home with a new body, cleaned and beautiful in original clothing

What happened to this Magic skin doll is typical of the break down of the vinyl body parts. What a wonderful thing Magic Skin was for dolls of the 1950’s, only to fall to pieces over time.  Magic skin was an early vinyl with the texture of a balloon.  It was thought that it made the dolls more life like with the feel of rubber that was like skin.  There are no Magic Skin parts available today.  Replacement parts have to be a heavier vintage vinyl.  After removing the dirt and grime to the head area the limbs were replaced so that she looks like new in her original restored clothing.

Effanbee Noma Doll

Effanbee doll head before

BEFORE paint loss and flaking

Effanbee Noma

AFTER Noma has such a great face

Effanbee Noma doll full body

BEFORE full body with voice box

Effanbee Noma doll all done

AFTER duplicate original outfit with bonnet fully restored

1950’s Effanbee Noma doll has been loved hard.  Her body is made of vinyl limbs, cloth body and hard plastic head. The Noma doll was made by Effanbee for the Noma power company in Maine as an advertising doll. She was made for only a short time, but her head was also used on other Effanbee dolls. This Noma had lots or repair issues from torn arms and mouse chewed fingers to scrapes on her head.  Almost a basket case, professional repair to parts and full restoration has returned her to her original beauty.

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 Process & FAQ

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