Patsy, Madam Alexander, Ideal, Horsman, Effanbee, etc. Doll Clothes

Doll Clothing and Selecting The Right Size

NOTE:  Doll clothing has been fabricated using patterns specific to the dolls.  If you have a question regarding measurements, please email to clarify for the right size.

Patsy Doll Dress in Dimity Floral

Restored (by me!) Patsy Ann doll modeling  Patsy doll dress in dimity floral is available for all sizes of Patsy dolls.  The dimity floral fabric of this Patsy doll dress is from the 1930’s,  semi-sheer and is best shown with a Patsy slip, also available for sale.  This Patsy doll dress is a replica of a dress that the Patsy doll would have worn and is done in authentic details.  The dimity dress features an organdy bodice utilizing organdy with tiny squares to carry the theme of the dimity squares and a rayon floral cluster at the neckline. .  The lace on this Patsy doll dress is old stock cotton from pre WWII.


Patsy Doll Dress and Bonnet in Dimity Floral

Patsy doll dress with matching bonnet

Patsy Doll Dress and Bonnet in Dimity Floral

Close up of bodice in check organdy

Patsy Doll Dress and Bonnet in Dimity Floral

Side view of matching bonnet in vintage dimity and organdy


Patsy Sizes
Need a Slip or Teddy?

Wrap Collar Patsy Dress

This wrap collar Patsy dress was replicated from a vintage dress worn by an Effanbee Patsy I own.  This dress is just as cute as it can be and works well for this small doll.   The fabric is a light lawn with the collar an organdy with a burgandy rayon ruffle trim to compliment the dress dots.  The collar is criss-crosses across the chest and meets in the back, fastened with a snap.  The wrap collar Patsy Dress is a semi sheer dress and displays best utilizing a Patsy slip underneath.

wrap collar Patsy Dress in Pink Dots and organdy Patsy Dress with a wrap collar
Patsy Dot Dress

1940 Plaid Doll Dress

1940 Replica plaid doll dress with jumper for child dolls.  This darling dress, original version, had been worn  by a 1940’s Nannette child doll.  The doll in the advertisement has a proportional cloth body, while the doll modeling the replica is all composition.   Fashioned  for a 1940’s vintage child doll, this replica dress set is made of light weight 100% cotton Madras plaid and cotton eyelet trim.   The two (2) piece set features a one piece jumper with rayon trim with elastic gathered legs.  The dress has an empire bodice, slightly puffed sleeves, collar and eyelet trim.

1940 plaid doll dress

Original Advertisement 1940’s

jumper for 1940 plaid doll dress

Jumper Underclothes

dress for 1940 plaid doll dress set

Empire Style Dress and Underwear Set

Other sizes upon request

Patsy Doll Underwear Teddy

Patsy doll underwear teddyThis Patsy doll underwear teddy has been replicated from an original teddy commonly worn by the Effanbee Patsy doll line of the 1940’s.  The Patsy doll underwear teddy is made of 100% cotton with cotton lace at the leg openings.  The neck and arm holes are serged with a rolled hem.  The teddy fastens in the back with a gold safety pin so that it can be adjusted to fit both the Patsy and Patsy look alike dolls.

Available sizes: 9″ Patsyette,  11″ Patsy Jr., 14″ Patsy, 16″ Patsy Joan and 19″ Patsy Ann.
Please select size when ordering.

Patsy Doll Teddy

Patsy Doll Slips

Patsy doll slipThe Patsy doll slips are replicated from original Effanbee Patsy dolls slips and are made with authentic detailing.  The design of the Patsy doll slips is a simple A line with lace at the hem and a rolled hem at the neck and arm holes.  They are made to go under the Patsy dresses, these 100% cotton slips and are trimmed with cotton lace.  They are fastened in the back with a snap.
Sizes available: 9″ Patsyette, 11″ Patsy Jr., 14″ Patsy, 16″ Patsy Joan, and 19″ Patsy Ann
Please select size when ordering

Patsy Slip
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 Process & FAQ

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We received the doll yesterday. She arrived in great shape and looks EXCELLENT! We are very pleased with the job you did.
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