Composition Kewpie, Scootles, Grumpy & Type Doll Clothes

Composition Kewpie and Scootles Dolls

Patterned after cartoon characters, and produced predominately by the Cameo Doll Company, Kewpie and Scootles were hugely successful on the doll scene and produced in composition, bisque and became available in vinyl.
*** Please measure your dolls to be sure of accurate fit when selecting.

Boy Doll Romper Jumper

Deco Grumpy wearing a boy doll romper jumper

Original Deco Grumpy wearing reproduction jumper. Composition head and arms, cloth body and bent cloth legs.

Boy doll romper jumper for  toddler composition dolls.  This boy doll romper jumper can be custom made for your composition doll or cloth body doll.  A romper was a common article of clothing for wearing a boy doll romper jumpercomposition toddlers such as Ideal Grumpy, Alexander, Louis Amberg, Madame Hendron (Averill), Effanbee, Horsman and others!  Copied from an antique composition doll, the boy doll romper jumper is shown on a Grumpy. It features a yoke bodice with embroidery, cuffs on the sleeves and pants, and a cinch belt accented with a brass buckle.  This boy doll romper jumper works well for toddler composition Dolls and is available in several colors.    Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery.

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Kewpie Clothing

Jumper for Scootles and Kewpie clothingJumper for Scootles and Kewpie clothingKewpie Clothing dolls of similar type like the Scootles wear a jumper style of garment with short cup sleeves done in lace, organdy or matching fabric.  The two dolls represented here are samples of what can be fabricated.  Antique Child Doll Restoration has a wide variety of cotton fabric and vintage trims to fabricate Scootle and Kewpie clothing to your color and style taste.

**Please measure to assure accurate fit. Available in size 10″  waist 10″ shoulder to crotch 5 1/2″
14″  waist 11 1/2″ shoulder to crotch 7″
16″   waist 15″ shoulder to crotch 8 1/2″

These dolls are from Daisy Kingdom, but this style fits many Kewpie  & Scootle type dolls.  Custom clothing available, please inquire.




Giggles doll clothes

Kewpie Giggles doll clothes

Giggles is Laughing Today!  with her New Giggles doll clothes!

Patterned after an original Kewpie, this 100% cotton jumper has cotton lace at the legs, neck and sleeves is being modeled by Giggles, who has the same body as the Kewpie. The Giggles doll clothes is made of cotton with organdy sleeves and embroidered edging. The cupped sleeves cover the top part of the composition arm.  The Giggles doll clothes has the same option as the Kewpie and Scootles doll clothes in that there is a wide range of fabric and trims available to fit the color wants of the purchaser so custom request are just fine.

* Custom orders available upon request in a wide assortment of fabrics.
Sizes 10″  –  waist  9″, Shoulder to crotch 5″
Sizes 12″ –  waist  10″, Shoulder to crotch 6″
Sizes 14″  –  waist  11″, Shoulder to crotch 7″
Sizes 16″  –  waist  12″, Shoulder to crotch 8″


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Process & FAQ
 Process & FAQ

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I was in shock you could put all those pieces back together so beautifully. . . unbelievable work. Sheryl Riley

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