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Doll Panties

Doll panties are an essential under garment for dolls.  Two styles of doll panties are available for your vintage dolls.  Made of 100% cotton with an adjustable elastic waist and lace at the leg openings, this panty is available in several sizes.  This panty is fabricated here at Antique Child Doll Restoration and can be made to order for your doll.  An additional style commonly seen on 195’s style dolls is a nylon made panty.  This panty features fabric that is a sheer rayon with elastic at the waist and lace at the leg openings.  Some sizes in this panty are thinner than others. This panty comes in 6 sizes and is manufactured in China.





Girl Dolls – post WWII in Composition & Hard Plastic

Girl doll, (fashion type) appears  in the 1940’s with  composition dolls became more shapely to represent girls, rather than young children.  Featuring a more hour-glass shape with small breasts, these dolls were the pre-curser to the Barbie generation.  Beginning as composition dolls, styles evolved with the advent of hard plastic rotational molding, blow molding and compression molding to further evolve to vinyl versions.

Composition girl dolls were developed by Madam Alexander, Ideal, Horsman, R & A (Arranbee) and others as  girl dolls with expansive wardrobes ranging from cotton play doll clothes to elaborate satins and taffeta with accessories such as  doll shoes, purses and hats.  Close on the heels of composition girl dolls was the period of  hard plastic dolls (1946-1957), considered a pre-eminent period for some of the finest elegant fashion dolls to date by American manufactures.  In the mid 1950’s American Character, Arranbee and Madam Alexander Doll companies  formed a consortium  and bought a model plastics company which made parts for all three  doll companies.  This is why many of the dolls of this period look very similar and are often hard to identify then they are not marked since they all came from the same molds.   Madam Alexander dolls were known for their exceptional clothing, while the other dolls with extensive wardrobes, the Toni and Sweet Sue were more affordable to the average consumer.

Sweet Sue Doll Dress

Wonderful Sweet Sue Doll Dress! The hard plastic Sweet Sue doll was very popular in the 1950’s and made in look alike versions by many companies. This Sweet Sue doll dress inspiration was taken from a Sweet Sue Sophisticate, which was a grown-up version of the original Sweet Sue doll. Fitting right in as a party dress for any of the period dolls, this lovely dress is made of embroidered lawn of small squares with the skirt double layered in imported Swiss embroidered organdy.

Sweet Sue doll dress in Swiss Organdy dress original advertisment Sweet Sue Doll Dress
 Sweet Sue doll dress in Swiss Organdy

Alice in Wonderland
See Size Chart of “like” Dolls


Alice Doll Dress

Wonderful Alice in Wonderland  or Alice doll dress that was sold on some selected American Character dolls of the 1950’s American Character was the creator of the hard plastic girl dolls, Sweet Sue, vinyl Toni and Betsy McCall.  The hard plastic girls dolls of the 1950’s were all similar in size and wore each others clothing. This Alice doll dress for dolls is made of blue taffeta with a delicate dimity-like embroidered lawn apron was a featured outfit for the Sweet Alice Walker doll, also by American Character.

American Character Alice in Wonderland dress Sweet Sue, Toni , Betsy McCall

Original Advertisement for Sweet Alice

Alice doll dress Alice doll dress

Alice in Wonderland
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Lady in Red 4 piece Doll Dress Set for Hard Plastic Girl Dolls from 1950

Replicated from a Yardley of London advertisement featuring a Madam Alexander Cissy doll, this stunning dress set includes a  1) red dot tulle and ostrich feather hat, 2) red tulle petticoat, 3) vintage taffeta dress with gathered tulip sleeves and 4) red dot tulle shawl with an embroidered flower pin.  Available in several sizes, this dress is the talk of the town in the doll world.

Lady in Red Doll Dress for composition and hard plastic teen doll

Lady in Red Doll Dress

Lady in Red Doll Dress Set

Lady in Red Doll Dress matchin hat in matching tulle and feathers
Lady in Red Doll Dress for composition and hard plastic fashion doll
Lady in Red Doll Dress Set
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Doll Socks

Doll Socks are available in several styles.  The doll socks are fabricated here at Antique Child Doll Restoration from fabric taken from a bolt of fabric.  The fabric content available is a light weight rayon, rayon and cotton blend and cotton.  The fabric is very light weight and ideal for dolls.  There is small ribbon on the socks.  The socks are made in a tube form to accommodate a heel placement for any size foot.  The socks are cut to order so please indicate the length you would like the socks as well as around the calf so the appropriate diameter  is sent.

doll socks black doll socks in cotton white doll socks in cotton

Calf & Length Measurement

Shirley Temple Onsie

Shirley Temple Onsie

Shirley Temple Onsie


Essential Onsie!

A Shirley Temple Onsie (combination slip and panties) is an essential item.  A onsie  completes Shirley Temple doll outfit and some look-a-like dolls. The onsie combo is a combination panties and slip.  This onsie,  copied from an original that Shirley Temple dolls wore is an authentic garment. The slip and panty onsie made to fit the composition Shirley Temple dolls and will not fit the vinyl or porcelain dolls.  If you have a question about the size, please email.  Sizes are also listed above.

Shirley Onsie


  Original doll came with a onsie with every dress dress.  Don’t forget yours!


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