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Elastic Waist Pantaloons

Elastic waist pantaloons and drawers are now available!  Fabricated in 100% cotton lawn with vintage cotton lace and accented with 2 rows of pin tucks.

So what’s the difference you ask?  Let’s talk pantaloons, drawers and bloomers.  Both pantaloons, drawers and bloomers were a common undergarment for antique and vintage dolls.   All 3 have legs, unlike panties.  Bloomers do just that, they bloom out, meaning they are gathered at the bottom of the leg.  Pantaloons are longer than drawers.  Drawers are more like a boxer underwear in that the length of the leg is almost to the knee and were worn by antique child dolls that had dresses below the knee.  Pantaloon length is much longer, to the mid calf or the ankle.  Pantaloons were common on antique dolls like china dolls or dolls that wore dresses to the ankle.   Elastic waist pantaloons are wonderful for an odd size waist doll and easy to take on and off.

elastic waist pantaloons and drawers


Doll Accessories

Don’t forget the added touches of doll accessories that make the doll clothing you chose extra special.  Shoes, bonnets and hats as well as underclothing like slips, pantaloons, or a chemise (See menu on left) are doll accessories that are available to complete that great dress or outfit?  The right doll clothing brings out the best in your doll and the right accessories finish the look so that the doll clothing you chose looks even better!! 

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Doll Clothing for Bleuette & other 11" – 12" Dolls

Bleuette is a small articulated bisque headed doll made in Paris from 1905 until 1957.   She was the invention of the Paris publisher,  Henri Gautier, and his staff at the girls’ magazine, La Semaine de Suzette, published every Thursday from 1905 until 1960, with six years off due to the German occupation of France during WWII.  Bleuette springs from the fashion doll and the magazine mannequin traditions.  Her continued popularity is mainly due to her stylish wardrobe, which came from two sources: magazine sewing patterns and ready-made clothing.    Bleuette doll measurements are:  11″ – 12″  Shoulders 3″,   Waist   6″,   Hips 7 1/2

Bleuette Sail Boat Dress

Bleuette dropped waist clip white lawn dress

White Dotted Swiss Drop Waist

Children at Play Jumper

Bleuette Sail Boat & Tulip Dress

1930 replica fabric Bleuette dress with puffed sleeves and pin tuck front. Dropped waist with rayon belt featuring a silver buckle.  1930 printed fabric featuring boats, wind mills, Holland figures and tulips. Dress is 100% cotton

Dotted Swiss Lawn Dress 

This darling dropped waist dress features a gathered neckline, bell sleeves and hemline ruffle.  The dropped waist holds a silk ribbon that slides easily in the beading casement for just the right fit.  Fabric is 100% cotton clip dot Swiss.  The fabric is semi-sheer so a straight slip is included.

Bleuette Children at Play Jumper

Done in a 1930’s print of children playing with a ball and ring, this peach and red tone Bleuette empire style jumper with straight short sleeves trimmed in antique lace. The jumper has long, legs, gathered at the hem.  The Bleuette jumper is accented with a red nylon belt and silver rope. buckle. (hat not included)


Bleuette Dresses

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 Process & FAQ

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We received the doll yesterday. She arrived in great shape and looks EXCELLENT! We are very pleased with the job you did.
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