Clothing – antique ball jointed & leather body dolls

Fitted Waistband Pantaloons

fitted waistband pantaloons for dollsThe fitted waistband pantaloons is an authentic replica straight leg pantaloons.  Made for antique dolls, the pantaloons has  fitted waistband, with lace trim at hem.  The pantaloons were a common fashion garment from the Civil War era. Worn through the Victorian and Edwardian era as common underclothing.  China dolls are nearly always found wearing fitted pantaloons.  Pantaloons were also worn by French and German antique dolls from the 1870 through the 1920’s.    Please consult size chart for waist approximation  Allowance of 1″ additional added.  Closure with safety-pin. 


Elastic Waist Pantaloons

Elastic waist pantaloons and drawers are now available!  Fabricated in 100% cotton lawn with vintage cotton lace and accented with 2 rows of pin tucks.

So what’s the difference you ask?  Let’s talk pantaloons, drawers and bloomers.  Both pantaloons, drawers and bloomers were a common undergarment for antique and vintage dolls.   All 3 have legs, unlike panties.  Bloomers do just that, they bloom out, meaning they are gathered at the bottom of the leg.  Pantaloons are longer than drawers.  Drawers are more like a boxer underwear in that the length of the leg is almost to the knee and were worn by antique child dolls that had dresses below the knee.  Pantaloon length is much longer, to the mid calf or the ankle.  Pantaloons were common on antique dolls like china dolls or dolls that wore dresses to the ankle.   Elastic waist pantaloons are wonderful for an odd size waist doll and easy to take on and off.

elastic waist pantaloons and drawers


Doll Accessories

Don’t forget the added touches of doll accessories that make the doll clothing you chose extra special.  Shoes, bonnets and hats as well as underclothing like slips, pantaloons, or a chemise (See menu on left) are doll accessories that are available to complete that great dress or outfit?  The right doll clothing brings out the best in your doll and the right accessories finish the look so that the doll clothing you chose looks even better!! 

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Peaches ‘n Cream Doll Dress

The peaches ‘n cream doll dress set includes as drop waist dress and cap bonnet.  Made of lightweight off white dotted Swiss fabric and accented with cotton lace in a very light peach color, the peaches ‘n cream doll dress set is very flattering and versatile.  The sleeves are made a bit longer so that they can be pushed up to be as puffy as you would like on your German or French ball jointed dolls OR they can be slid down for a long sleeve on your leather body doll.  The dress set features a soft contrast between the cream dotted Swiss and antique lace.  There is a satin tie at the drop waist to adjust to your doll’s body.  NOTE: because of the semi-sheer nature of the fabric, this doll is displayed with a drop waist cotton slip sold here at Antique Child.

Peaches 'n Cream Doll Dress


Peaches 'n Cream Doll Dress

Puffed sleeve view

Peaches 'n Cream Doll Dress for antique dolls

Full Front View

Custom Size? email me!

Peaches 'n Cream Doll Dress long sleeve option

Long sleeve option

Peaches 'n Cream Doll Dress back view

Back view


Doll Fur Collar Coat

Antique doll fur collar coat is just what this Kestner 168 doll needed! Rather simple in design, her original dress and shoes do not bring out the charm of this beautiful antique doll.    Her coat and hat NOW! complete the outfit.  

The antique doll fur collar coat is made of light weight burgundy wool and accented with vintage cording around edges, and a luxurious fox collar.  An additional custom piece is the  bonnet made of heavy felt, cotton fringe, ostrich feathers and hat lace, accented with an antique button, makes  the difference from ordinary to extra special.   This antique doll fur collar coat, as well as doll bonnet are  custom additions and available in this and other fabrics and trims. Depending on the doll size, fabrics and trims, the doll coat ranges from $25 – $45.  If you would like this addition for your doll feel free to email me and we can discuss your specifics.

Doll Fur Collar Coat Doll Fur Collar Coat Doll fur collar coat



Antique Doll Dress in Floral Blue and Pink Lawn

You will love this Antique Doll Dress in Floral Blue and Pink Lawn.  Replicated from an antique Jumeau doll of the 1800’s, this antique doll dress works well for ball jointed and leather body antique dolls.

The fabric is a lightweight 100% cotton  lawn with a delicate pattern of flowers.  The trim is pre WWII 100% cotton from old stock recently discovered.  The dress features long sleeves with shoulder epaulets, a belt that ties in the back and a 3″ ruffle around the hemline.  The length of this drop waist dress is below the knee, about mid calf.  Underneath she wears a drop waist slip and drawers with an elastic waist band.   Accessories to complete the outfit is a fitted cap bonnet, white cotton socks and French style faux leather shoes.  All the items to complete this outfit are available throughout the Antique Child web site.  If you can not locate them, please email and inquiry.

Antique Doll Dress in Floral Blue and Pink Lawn Antique Doll Dress in Floral Blue and Pink Lawn Antique Doll Dress in Floral Blue and Pink Lawn

Custom Size? email me!

Hemstitched Doll Dress

Taupe hemstitched doll dress and bonnet  for antique ball jointed and leather body dolls.  The taupe hemstitched doll dress is made of  light weight cotton lawn with a light peach pre-1940’s cotton lace accenting the hemline, sleeves, ruffles and neck, well over 4 yards!. The sleeves work well with both ball jointed and leather body dolls because they can be pushed up for a full puffed sleeves or brought down to the wrist.  With the elastic at the sleeve edge, they can be pushed up or pulled down to cover what needs to be covered.  This  antique style dress is decorated with hemstitching on the ruffles of the sleeve, all the way around the hemline and at the edge of the organdy ruffle that accents the bodice. An organdy sash is also includes a sash for covering the drop waist seam or to be used as a giant hair bow as many of the dolls were known to wear.  The dress has OVER 4 yard of antique lace and several rows of hemstitching that you can not find anywhere today. This dress is absolutely charming.  The full organdy ruffle extends to the back of the sleeve for a finished look.  To complete the outfit, a matching bonnet (sold separately) with an organdy ruffle is offered that has more lace and hemstitching accents.  The doll pictured is wearing a drop waist slip and drawers. Also available are replica oilcloth shoes in black and antique white at Antique Child.   This style of dress was used on ball jointed and leather body antique doll from the turn of the century through the 1930’s. 

Hemstitch doll dress and bonnet

Bonnet with organdy

Taupe hemstitched doll dress with matching bonnet

lace & hemstitching

Dress & Bonnet
Custom Size? email me!

Taupe hemstitched doll dress with puffed sleeves

Sleeves can be puffed.

Antique doll dress in taupe hemstitched

Sleeves can be long

backside tauper hemstitched doll dress with bonnet

Back view


Doby Antique Doll Dress

This Doby Antique Doll Dress is done in a traditional style of drop waist, this white 100% cotton dress features a pattern of  embroidered stripes with a touch of polished cotton look to the Dobby,  open weave pattern.  The bodice is slightly gathered at the waistline with an inset belt and full skirt. The sleeves are puffed and finished with an organdy cuff. The collar is also real cotton organdy with a tiny square dimity-like pattern.  To add the final touches to complete the outfit are  oilcloth shoes (also available HERE) and white cotton socks.

Doby Antique Doll Dress with drop waist irgandy collar and details on Doby Antique Doll Dress organdy collar on antique doll dress Doby Antique Doll Dress Doby fabric details for antique doll dress



A Line Eyelet Doll Dress

This A Line Eyelet Doll Dress is elegant and feminine.  The fabric is a soft antique white cotton that  has a slight sheen of polished cotton as well as small accenting squares  scattered about  in the same color.   Ecru eyelet with a looped and open box pattern with open flowers accents the bodice, hemline and sleeves, along with ribbon to add the finishing touches.  There are 2 crystal button in a gold color at the neckline in  front and down the length of the back. The fabric is of medium weight, allowing the dress to drape to advantage without extensive under garments.  The garment is closed down the back with snaps to allow for easy dressing.

A Line Eyelet Doll Dress polished cotton & eyelet doll dress A Line Eyelet Doll Dress polished cotton & eyelet Back view A Line Eyelet Doll Dress  polished cotton & eyelet A line polished cotton & eyelet doll dressfabric


Sizes – Ant. Wh. A-Line


Black A Line Dress

This ovely Black A Line Dress is made of black cotton with striped polished cotton to accent the vertical bodice panel with black cording on the edges.  This one-piece dress features  self cut ruffles trim to the back, hemline and cuffs  which adds to its elegant line.  The closure at the back is full length for those dolls that are not very flexible.  Held with snaps and accented with opique buttons, this dress style was common from the 1870-1890.   Complete the outfit are black oilcloth shoes, cotton socks and a felt black hat, (also available plain or decorated with flowers).   This type black A Line Dress was worn by paper mache dolls, fashion dolls, French dolls and  doll in ball jointed and leather bodies.  Lenth varied with the style of doll. Children wore their dresses between the knee and boot, while ladies wore the longer length.

Black A Line Dress Black A Line Dress replica of antique doll dress styles bodice details of Black A Line Dress Antique doll dress in black and toupe stripes


A Line Cotton Day Dress in Black & Toupe Stripes


Embroidered Doll Dress

This embroidered doll dress is modeled by a 22″ Jumeau, this lovely dress is made of 100% cotton with a  drop waist.  The doll dress fabric features a tiny embroidered diamond pattern.  Details for the dress include  pre WW II English cotton lace on the bodice and sleeves, as well as fine antique cotton lace with the waist line finished in a real cotton organdy sash belt and brass slide buckle to allow for adjustment.  This antique style dress is typical of what dolls and children wore in the 1880’s and after.    Closure utilizes a gold pin.  (Leather shoes and socks  available in the doll shoes department)

Diamond embroidered doll dress Embroidered Doll Dress antique lace details on bodice of antique style Embroidered Cotton Doll Dress

100% cotton used in antique doll dresses

Diamond Embroidered Cotton


Sizes – Diamond Embroidered

Floral Lawn Doll Dress

Replica 1900’s era, 100% cotton floral lawn doll dress featuring a straight line frock with a belt.  The detailed  collar and trim are fashioned from an antique linen napkin. The fabric is an off white with a tiny olive stripe and shaded blue flowers. The  linen embroidered collar and  scallop edging add just the right antique accents.  This Floral Lawn Doll Dress has  puffed sleeves, narrow sewn-down pleats are to the waist, pressed down below the attached matching hip belt with a copper buckle  closure.

It is recommended that a straight slip be worn  because of the semi-sheer qualities of this lovely fabric.  Sizes 14-26, Bonnet and custom sizes available upon request.

Blue Floral Lawn Doll Dress

Bodice view with embroidered antique linen collar

Blue Floral Strip Lawn Dress

Front view with details, copper belt with cording

Blue Floral Lawn Doll Dress

Side view

Blue Floral Strip Lawn Dress

Back view



Cotton Lawn Clip Dot Floral Doll Dress

This feminine 1900 era doll dress replica frock grabs everyone’s attention with authentic period details.  The doll dress is made from a semi sheer white clip dot 100% cotton lawn fabric that features a subtle floral pattern of  pink flowers and green foliage  It is a gathered doll dress with a  yoke bodice to give the appearance of fullness. It has loop cording at the neck, eyelet  trim on  the puffed sleeve hem, eyelet shoulder bretelles and belt.  

This doll dress is appropriate for both leather body and ball jointed body antique  dolls.  It is recommended that a slip be used to provide the desired  fullness and sheer qualities of the assemble.   Available in sizes 14-26,  Bonnets shown in baby section. Custom sizes available upon request.

Floral Clip Dot Lawn antique doll dress

Bodice view with loop braid at neck, beading with ribbon

Clip dot lawn dress face view

Clip dot lawn dress with eyelet bonnet (also available)

clip dot lawn dress with pink flowers for antique dolls

Clip dot lawn dress with pink flowers for antique dolls, minus belt

Clip dot lawn dress side view

Clip dot lawn dress with removable belt


Dotted Swiss Doll Dress

This dotted Swiss doll dress is a copy of a Circa 1880 child doll dress.   Made of a semi-sheer dotted Swiss voile, the dress is quite elegant. Accenting the dotted Swiss doll dress is a panel of eyelet down the front and around the eyelet skirt. Puffed sleeves are roomy enough for both leather bodies and ball jointed body dolls.  As a final touch, tie backs have been added for just the right fit.     NOTE:  Eyelet styles change with the larger sizes. Slip recommended for semi-sheer garments.  As seen photo shown with drop waist cotton slip also available.    Hats available in selected sizes with your choice of flowers $15 upon request.

Dotted Swiss Doll Dress Dotted Swiss Doll Dress
IMG_9023 IMG_9037



Eyelet Dress

Eyelet dress in assorted styles for your special doll.

Eyelet dress in drop waist style Eyelet dress in white cotton has long been a staple for Victorian children and doll wear. Made in a traditional dropped waist style, the eyelet dress is made with 100% cotton.  Because tastes are different, most dresses and bonnet selections are custom with fabric choices in lawn, voile, eyelet and dotted Swiss fabrics.   Sizes available 12-30. If you have a custom size or style you like, choose closest size and I will send you a form to note measurements. 

The drop waist dress is appropriate for most German and French doll.  It first appeared  during the 1910’s as a depart from the restricted styles of the Victorian age.  The style displays straight silhouettes, vertical lines and an apparent lack of a waistline.  Thanks to the flappers of the 1920’s,  the hemline went up so that most were just below the knee. 

** NEW authentic eyelet dress and white fabrics arriving often!

DW Eyelet Dresses Size
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